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    JAY - Jayride Group

    Anyone across this business? I've kept an eye on it since COVID and see it as having a lot of potential as things return to normal. Based on the latest market update it would appear that this has happened however I wonder how much is just a oneoff due to spring break/easter break in the US?
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    ORI - Orica Limited

    Despite the drop its sitting at 16.6 times last years earnings - looking below it looks like it historically traded at around 12-15 times earnings (assuming the CMC Data is right..). Might be getting close to fair value and worth buying.
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    2BE - Tubi Limited

    I looked at it pre IPO - liked the story and the financials were really attractive. The only issue was all of the insider dealings between the Directors and their other companies - it was too messy and complicated and then they were changing strategy so the numbers weren't relevant. I've always...
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    MAD - Mader Group

    I found this business doing a search for high ROE/low PE companies about a month ago. Good origin story with founder who saw a need and delivered with a consistent focus on the team/operators on the ground and is still involved. High ROE with strong forecast growth in the US/Canada and local...
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    CXZ - Connexion Telematics

    Yeah exactly, I'm in for a tiny position to dip my toes in. We'll see how things progress from here. What's your assessment of the turnover in leadership? I would imagine that would impact any sort of relationship/business development if they have a new CEO every 6 months or so.
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    CXZ - Connexion Telematics

    The share price has been pretty stagnant since but the metrics are fantastic and the AGM presentation says all the right things. I'd back up what ben267 said about their revenue being 100% exposed to GM - surely they'd be scrambling to develop other sources of income. Considering their tech...