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    Any good forex recommendation sites people can suggest?

    Yep all good. The first one has articles on what the institutions are doing, the only site I know of that does this.
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    Analysing trades and journal analysis

    Average P/L in $ = Sum of each trade profit & loss $ / Total number of trades Average P/L in % = sum of each trade % profit & loss / total number of trades Average profit = Sum of profitable trades $ / Number of win trades Average Loss = sum of losing trades $ / number of losing trades...
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    Analysing trades and journal analysis

    Just wondering if anyone here analyses their trades and anlayses their journal. Can anyone help me with these calculations. I want to know the calculations if I was calculating these by hand. Where can I obtain these calculations from? I am interested in doing the following calculations...
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    Any good forex recommendation sites people can suggest?
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    Commodities pip value

    Fair enough then. Who you using now, if you dont mind me asking?
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    Commodities pip value

    Total value of the trade in dollars and not by the contract size? Thanks for that How do you find CMC, what do you think of their charts?
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    Commodities pip value

    I find the flexibility of trade sizes useful for my position sizing and money management. But this thread isn't meant for a debate on futures v's forex / CFD brokers.
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    Commodities pip value

    Products such as the following, spot XAUUSD, spot XAGUSD, WTI or as some brokers call it CL-Oil, these are based on the underlying futures contract the metals basically trade like fx pairs, the oil has a rollover like the futures product. Thank you
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    Commodities pip value

    Is there a way we can calculate the pip value of gold, WTI and the other commodities? As you know we can do the following calculation on fx pairs to find out the value of a pip (when USD quoted first) eg: (0.0001 / exchange rate) x lot size = pip value Can we do something similar to work it...
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    Candlesticks: entries, exits, how to trade?

    Can anyone recommend any books on candlesticks that covers possible entries and exits and/ or how to trade the candle pattern?
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    Position Sizing with XAUUSD, XAGUSD and WTI

    Thanks for your help peter2, really appreciate it! So if I wanted to work out the position size for a silver xagusd contract I would do the same as the gold and wti calculation as follows: Say I wanted to risk $AUD100 ~ $USD93.11 Entry 19.506 Stop Loss 19.750 $93.11 / 0.244 / 5000 = 0.07...
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    Spec stocks

    Providing that there is an uptrend (which one has established), could one wait for a retrace of price of a company back to the 30ema, wait for a bulish close and then enter long position in the company? Comments, thoughts?
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    Spec stocks

    So you think technical is the way to go instead of fundamentals?
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    How to make stag profits in an IPO?

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend any books or other resources on learning how to stag an IPO and how to select a company to stag? Or, if anyone can provide any advice on staging that would be good too. Thank you
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    Tax deductions and trading

    Isn't there a small business CGT concession you can / could use to reduce the capital gain?