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    MRX - Matrix Metals

    UNDER VOLUNTARY ADMINISTRATION, due to repayment of a provisionnally paid invoice of Glencore and downtrend of copper price.
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    IMA - Image Resources

    Not including the foreign investor, they have bought it within $1.8-$2.00/share. It's just a matter of time for the market to realize it.
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    RBM - Redbank Mines

    UP 130%,A lot of vol accumulating with the following announcement. Spectacular near surface copper grades at Redbank As part of the Redbank Oxide Copper Project expansion definitive feasibility study (DFS) resource infill and definition drilling is being carried out on the Bluff, Azurite...
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    GDO - Gold One International

    Re: BMO - BMA Gold Reading through their prospectus, what happened if they are undersubscribe? will they go through another institution or return shareholder's money? From the BMO board point of view, they are pretty confident that the existing tenements still have a value to continue the...
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    GDO - Gold One International

    Re: BMO - BMA Gold It depends, when BMO start to trade in the market. 0.025c is the offer to the shareholder. so hopefully the price can be higher then the offer price to the shareholder.
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    GDO - Gold One International

    Re: BMO - BMA Gold As far as I know, the previous share you are holding still exist. You did receive some letter from Advanced share registry regarding BMO Off market transfer previously as a proof that you still holding their shares. if you have 10000 BMO shares and the entitlement is 10000...
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    Iron Ore Plays - Discussion

    Did someone mizz out HLX....
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    High Grade & Low Grade

    Hi guys, How we actually define in gold,zinc,nickel, copper, & oil measurement in drilling result to be high grade or low grade? in uranium, What I've come across is; if it's > 20kg/ton is considered as high grade.
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    TNG - TNG Limited

    Re: TNG - Tennant Creek Gold CBH is eyeing on TNG.I hope this will be a good outcome for TNG.
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    SOM - Somnomed Limited

    Based on the previous announcement, looks like the volume is increasing due to: "renounceable rights issue to Shareholders of 3 New Shares for every 1 Share held on the Record Date at an issue price 1 cent per New Share to raise $3.447 million." on 7th dec 2006. will this make the volume...
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    Visa debit card

    You can open other account at st george such as incentive saver all you need is maintain AU$600 balance only and you will get visa debit card. other options you might have a look at bendigo bank.
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    EML - EML Payments

    Any clue on this share, Gold is going up but this share still not moving up? The last announcment was AAO done the drilling which the result will be out end of this month. :confused: