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    The "For Sale" thread

    Apple MacBook Pro 15" Hi Guys, I am looking to sell my top of the line MacBook Pro 15inch i7. It is less 12 months old and fully loaded. Upgraded 500gb hard drive and High-Res Anti-glare Screen. Good condition (pictures available on request). Retail Price was ~$3,300 after...
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    Fixed Rate Margin Lending

    just got a sweet deal on a refinance.
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    A few questions about margin loans!

    That is probably what the media would like you to believe ala Storm/Opes Prime. However, Margin Lending can often be used as a very successful investment strategy for lots of people in different situations ie. - large stock portfolio but need cash and dont want to sell your shares - a...
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    New pair trade - Long RIO/Short BHP

    has the big pair trade journel thread been taken down?
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    Now is the Time to Get a Margin Loan

    So how is everyones Margin Loans going? its been a choppy twelve months with no real gains cant seem to break that 5000 level - does anyone short with their margin loan?
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    Fixed Rate Margin Lending

    Why pay more than I have too?
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    Fixed Rate Margin Lending

    Thanks for your interest, although i am more comfortable with my margin loan at the moment. Is anyone else using a margin loan at the moment or have we all switched to CFD's - i am starting to think i have fallen behind the curve - although as a Long Term investment product i really think...
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    Fixed Rate Margin Lending

    Hi Guys & Girls, Seem like everyone is pretty down on Margin Lending at the moment, but i have been revolving my one over for the last couple of years (low LVR). Just wanted to find out if anyone is using fixed margin loans as opposed to the variable margin loans. My Commsec loan only...
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    Margin Loan Reduction

    As pointed out before - your current LVR is significantly lower than 60%, if you want your LVR to be 60% you will either need to draw down on the equity in your portfolio (Loan Value increases portfolio value stays the same) or transfer security out of your loan (portfolio value reduces, loan...
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    BT margin lending

    You have probably just had the LVR lowered on one/more than one of your securities.
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    Stocks I'm watching are all in the red today this might help you out now, and in to the future.
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    Anyone used Minc or Morrison Securities?

    Minc is in VA as of 15/4/2011 - just a note
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    Interactive Brokers - withdrawing money

    Good Afternoon, I have been having a little bit of trouble trying to withdraw money from an IB account - apparently it needs to be transferred to a "swift" account or something. Can anyone offer advice on this, ideally i would like to transferred direct to a Commsec Account or worst case...
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    Dealer Groups and Licencing Requirements

    Hello, Just looking at the requirements for dealer groups who advise on financial products. Anyone who works in financial services/compliance may be able to help here. I am looking at putting together a group of financial advisers to form a dealer group to advise on a few financial...
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    Shares That Made You $1 Million - Fin. Review

    TZL - i was just looking at the chart and it hit 80 dollars nearly 20 years ago. what has caused such a substantial decline, obviously share splits could have contributed to this.... but it seems unlikely that would contribute to 100% of teh decline - if you get it back to that level - you...