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    Interactive Brokers

    Thanks for that and the others input. I've checked that out and it seems to require a CHESS or issuer sponsored holding and IB is neither. Guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and sell out gradually. Fortunately a few of the companies I've bought into have disappeared on their own already.
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    Interactive Brokers

    Have a bit of a problem... A long time ago when I was less older and less wiser I read some advice on the forum about using IB to buy small parcels to play SPPs and the like. IB didn't really work out for me, so I stopped using it but now I get hit with the minimum fee every month. I...
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    ASX listed companies with residential property market exposure?

    I'm just wondering whether there's anything that can be close to be called a "pure play" on residential property... I guess there really isn't. Home developers might be good, but I guess a lot of builders would do both commercial and residential, wouldn't they?
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    ASX listed companies with residential property market exposure?

    Hi, Does anyone know of any ASX200 listed companies that provide substantial exposure to the residential property market? It seems like the property trusts are all commercial property that I can see... Thanks,
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    Macquarie Prime: the flexible answer

    Hi, I'm now looking for a to replace Comsec and Etrade for my longer term holdings, because of poor, poor service.... Mac Prime is looking a bit attractive now compared with with a few years ago since their fees only $20 minimum now. Some [hopefully quick] questions for those who use it...
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    Interactive Brokers Troubleshooting

    How do I buy or sell a company option like CTPO or something like BEPPA in IB? Tried opening a ticket but haven't seen a response
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    Broker for CFDs outside ASX 200?

    Hi, Sometimes I see a share in some company outside ASX200 and I wish I could short it because it was obvious that it was headed south. Would you happen to know a good broker that will allow me to short them? Also I'm guessing it will have to be a MM CFD broker, and from what I have...
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    Companies on watchlist for capital raising/SPP

    Actually T+3 doesn't apply here. Rights issues follow a different timetable w/ regard to record date. This is unlikely to be a mistake. See " Note: securities are quoted on an “ex” basis and bonus securities are quoted on a...
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    Buying 1 of every stock?

    That doesn't sound very reliable... (and then there's the other guy who got more than he would have otherwise)
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    ANZ - ANZ Banking Group

    Yup, dumping starts today. I was a bit surprised to see the shares just sitting there in etrade this morning just as the market opened, got out in a panic. Turns out that was the right move for the day at least. While I can't answer for dirkdiggler444, personally I was anxious to sell first...
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    Head and Shoulders formations

    There seems to be non-confirmation from the Dow where the neckline appears to have been invalidated. Considering the alternative scenario is a three-wave retracement that is complete already (edit: That ought to be "an alternative" and "or close to complete" - other scenarios are plausible and...
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    ANZ - ANZ Banking Group

    SPP completed, ANZ gets $2.2b. At 14.40 per share, that's 153m shares, which is about 15x daily volume. I suspect a significant proportion of that may be dumping for the "free money" in the coming weeks (since I will be one of them). Technically it's not looking all that great either since...
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    Buying 1 of every stock?

    If all of the shares at IB held under the CHESS holding of their custodian, doesn't that mean all the investors would be treated as one holding for an SPP? Wouldn't that mean if there's 10 people applying for that SPP, they'd have to split it?
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    Gap Days

    I haven't had all that much experience with trading gaps (not much of a day trader), but I've found it's handy to look at: 1 what events "caused" the gap 2 sentiment, 3 support and resistance levels 4 how the market depth looks like, 5 whether it's the bid or ask that's getting hit...
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    I am launching a takeover bid

    Trouble is with these sorts of takeover bids is like with TMX - IRM: - Need a premium - They make a placement - Maybe a rights issue - No-one can be bothered giving you shares considering they bought it at a much higher price and their holding has shrunk to an insignificant value -...