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    OZL - Oz Minerals

    Oz Minerals holding up well despite a 43 per cent drop in half-year profit. Currently up around 1% from yesterday's close.
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    BLY - Boart Longyear

    All but written off this time last year, BLY seems to be finally coming back from the dead.
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    Jackson Capital?

    I don't see a Financial Services Guide (FSG) on their website. Nor do I see a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). Nor do I see any audited results. Who are the people running the company? Why is there no information about them on their website? I don't understand why anyone would hand...
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    Jackson Capital?

    Some discussion here: Much of it negative.
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    MOD - MOD Resources

    Re: The fall of MOD I think you'll find that this is probably the reason. I took a quick look at the results and the higher grade intercepts seemed narrow and at depth. I think it's probably just a case of people having expected more and profit takers moved in when the reality didn't match...
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    Investment in Mongolia?

    I hadn't previously given much thought to Mongolia as an investment destination. However, it does seem to have quite a bit of potential in terms of mining, but with most base metal prices currently at post-GFC lows you would need to have a lot of faith that we were at or near the bottom of the...
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    Jamie McIntyre Dusts the Bite

    ASIC acts against 21st Century Group and Jamie McIntyre land banking schemes
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    Quantum Securities 'Markets and You'

    How much does your Starter Investment Pack, Intermediate Investment Pack, Premium Investment Pack, Elite Investment Pack and Elite Plus Investment Pack cost? Can you also outline the cost of any other services you provide?
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    DMP - Domino's Pizza Enterprises

    The mainstream media are suggesting that Domino's Pizza is overvalued. Has DMP risen too far too fast?
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    Global economy grinds to a Halt - IMF

    HSBC's chief economist Stephen King is warning of a possible global recession. Slowing growth in China, low interest rates, low inflation, record levels of public debt and little room for further stimulus spending. Scaremongering, or a timely warning? :eek...
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    Struggling Aussie miners turn to medical marijuana

    More: Is the medical marijuana industry in 2015 what internet startups were in the late 1990s? Does anyone know anything about the long term viability of these medical marijuana businesses or is it just a...
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    Best April Fools story

    A compilation of some of 2015's best April Fools Day pranks here:
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    ETSY - Etsy, Inc. IPO (NASDAQ)
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    Market bottom and bubble alerts!

    I'm not sure if this is the best forum for this thread but time will tell. It can always be moved later. Market bottoms and bubbles both provide opportunities to profit from the inevitable recovery or correction. The big question is, how big will a bubble grow before bursting and when will a...
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    Companies with cash backing above MC

    Intrepid Mines Limited (IAU) Mount Gibson Iron Limited (MGX) Any others at the moment?