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    ASX website was developed by fools

    you even cant search shares in a certain range. these fools may cant do no thing at all.
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    How to find shares in a certain range?

    They do not have such Scanner or screener.
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    How to find shares in a certain range?

    Re: how to find share in a certain range? it should be much better to use a screener.
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    How to find shares in a certain range?

    for example, if I want to find all shares whose prices are between $1-$10 in ASX. thanks, yahoo screener does not include ASX.
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    What is the use of leverage in index trading?

    after all, you trading based on margin, 1% of the open value.
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    How to compute the margin?

    Example, Greece 20, the rate is 252 2000 contract. after leverage- the value is =A$75410 The margin is A$1508 ------------------------------- The margin is A$1508, so the open is A$1508 X100 = A$150,800? and the leverage must be 2? the rate is 252, so one point = AUD$0.3?
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    What is the exposure of US SPX500 Cash?

    which indexes has the lowest exposure?
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    Anyone using NAB's CFD service?

    is it good?
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    Hang Seng China Enterprises Index (HSCEI): Help needed

    Poor honghkong is going to die, there is nothing we can do. hongkongese were poor farmers from china, they never really know how to do business.
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    A basic question about order type

    There are market and limit I think market is the "current price". limit if the price you want, right? I think I am right, just want to make sure.
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    Best Online Broker?!

    The commsec interface is the worst for sure. 1) The plus500 is very simple and clear, example, The main menu is (trade, position, order, history), in commsec interface, where to check the trading history?? it is not as clear as plus500. in commsec interface, the records sometimes...
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    Best Online Broker?!

    Re: which is the best broker? The commsec interface looks like a piece of sh it to me. I used plus500 Demo first, I think it is the best.
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    Best Online Broker?!

    which is the best broker? I know the worst is commsec
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    Plus500... SCAM

    can you withdraw the money without problem?
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    A basic question about Commsec CFD platform - index trading

    I just want to ask a few basic questions. 1) buy and sell. does buy means bet on the market go up, and sell mean bet on the market go down? 2) Equity and Fund does Equity mean what you put in the market, and Fund ( I am 99% sure about Fund) means your deposit? 3)what does type G...