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    Index funds are Communist

    As far as I know index funds do not participate in these volatile market moves. Sure redemptions are more likely to occur when the market is falling off a cliff, but i would assume most investors in index funds are there precisely to not worry about the short or even med term fluctuations.
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    Buying Shares in Russia

    They trade on the Moscow exchange. Its also at nowhere close to 52 week lows and volume is pretty terrible.
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    FBU - Fletcher Building

    WES apparently took a 3-4% stake. T/O rumours abound
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    How to Double or Triple my money?

    At a glance, 40% portfolio drawdown. Now if only he bought some cryptos instead of following newsletter spruikers...
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    Australian Crypto currency Exchanges regulated?

    "Not your private key, not your coins" Several Japanese exchanges are regulated by Japan's version of ASIC, except the one that got hacked lol In this game with multiple unregulated exchanges its still best to keep the majority of your cryptos in your own wallets
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    Australian Crypto currency Exchanges regulated?

    I believe legislation is coming in April. For once its the exchanges demanding legislation to remove uncertainity
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    Listed options lagging share price

    Companies oppies like ZYBOA take ages to get exercised. Aus punters have learned that during the exercise period (where you can't sell), the stock can easily reverse and you're trapped in an overpriced stock. Thus the discount. Also 99.9% of the time there's no borrow available to short the...
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    Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading thread

    Definitely not the futs - Illiquid garbage. BitMex does vol, BTCBox and a few of the JP exchanges do vol and charge no comm for now
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    Bitcoin price discussion and analysis

    I believe in the underlying tech. Bitcoin is just... good to trade. The first web 1.0 companies were not the ones that that lead the final stages of 2000 boom/bust. I believe it will lose its dominance to altcoins sooner or later Curious to see if we can have a proper bust without big$...
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    Bitcoin price discussion and analysis

    The institutional investors chunk is missing.
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    Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading thread

    Thats actually an interesting question. Which ones the bigger bubble?
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    Cryptocurrencies, and the next big thing

    Binance just closed new user regos. This follow Bittrex, CEX and others. Demand is overcoming supply!
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    New Year fireworks

    A paltry 1/17th of the postal vote! What a deal Imagine that, NYE fireworks every 3 weeks
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    XRP - Ripple (in the pond)

    Traded low as 2.404 on Coinspot. On the other hand, if you have a verified acct with Bitstamp, you can use ur CC get it @ 2.42 AUD after fees vs 2.52 on BTCMkts right now
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    Is it poor risk management practice to use only one broker?

    IKBR is listed in the US. If it starts looking shaky then get your money out asap. For buy and hold, you can use commsec. The fees aint pretty but if commsec/cba goes down even with the govt guarantee then there's probably other things to worry about. You can always keep some l/t holdings with...