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    Stock Screener for ASX

    There is also an advanced version where you can combine multiple indicators, but is available only as an android app.
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    Problems of a new trader: where to begin?

    If you can't pull the trigger, I suggest you can start by paper trading for a few weeks just to get a feel of how the market behaves. Also, you can try to read more books on technical analysis and trading in general.
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    ASXIQ stock screener

    You can try for ASX technical stock screener.
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    Trading with the trend

    You can use weekly chart to find trending stocks, and then use daily charts for entry points. It also depends on how long are you planning to hold the stocks. If you are a swing trader, you can use daily chart to find trending charts, and intraday chart for trade setups.
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    GIL - Gildan Activewear Inc. (NYSE)

    GIL has formed MACD and slow stochastic divergence today, very good stock to buy tomorrow.
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    SD - Sandridge Energy, Inc. (NYSE)

    SD formed a doji pattern today, maybe it is time for reverse trend?
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    DXD - ProShares UltraShort Dow30 ETF (NYSEARCA)

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    Technical analysis books for beginners

    Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets is a pretty good book for beginners. After you learn the basics, then read Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques.
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    Free site for ASX stock screener?

    try for technical screener for the ASX market.
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    MACD Crossover Sell Signal

    There are many false alert when use MACD crossdown alone. I usually combine it with Candlestick patterns, volume as well as support and resistance, and they work pretty well for me.
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    Stock Screener for ASX

    For those of you who likes to search stocks based on technical indicators, check out this free app on android There are many indicator search functionalities included in the app such as MACD, moving...
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    Market bottom and bubble alerts!

    I think mining services is a good sector to get in for the long term. I'm also doing research on it at the moment.
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    Candlesticks: entries, exits, how to trade?

    I like Profitable Candlestick Trading: Pinpointing Market Opportunities to Maximize Profits the best. It is an easy to follow book for beginners on Candlestick Patterns.
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    Broker for NYSE

    Scottrade is also a pretty nice broker to trade US stocks.
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    International stocks to watch

    NLY Stock Analysis NLY - Annaly Capital Management, Inc listed on NYSE. NLY - Sector: Services, Industry: Real Estate Operations. NLY gained 1.43% on 03/21/12. NLY is trading in the range of $16.05 - $16.93 in the past 30 days. NLY formed a Morning Star signal. NLY formed a bullish Price &...