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    FLC - Fluence Corporation

    With the likely hood of Savcor being granted a major contract at the Boddington Gold Mine in WA I envisage a hike in it's SP. Today it was $1.65 it floated at $2 late 2007 just before the market corrected itself in line with the US. A stock to keep an eye on.
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    SLR - Silver Lake Resources

    First Gold pour out of the refurbished Lakewood facility today. A lot of upside to this company. A highly reputable management structure. Big tick Gold price heading in and upward direction. With the roadshow presentation happening around oz during May i'm sure more punters will jump aboard...
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    ADI - Adelphi Energy

    I for one appreciate all the research your do AgentM. Daily i look for your updates. Back in Oct / Nov we used to get Wednesday company ann almost every week. I believe in this stock and only wish i had more cash around to buy more. Keep up all your good work AgentM and dont be put off by others...
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    GPN - Greater Pacific Gold

    Have been watching this stock for a while. Massive volume today. 61 mill as well as being up 45 % in the past 2 days. Can any one shed any light ? Interesting that other partners YRR ( Yellow Rock Resources ) and AGU (Aurium) had little volume and little change.
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    ADI - Adelphi Energy

    Where do you find out who is buying / selling ? and who are the top 20 holders in the company ? Anyone know