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    China on the brink of Catastrophe?

    US is outsourcing all its jobs to China, China may overtake US as worlds #1 superpower soon source: Brother Nathaniel on youtube.
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    Australian Federal Reserve

    Heres Alan Greenspan describing who owns the fed Any good books/links on the Australian fed DeepState? Sounds interesting.
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    Australian Federal Reserve

    I know this is an old thread but w/e. The fed in America in text books they will say is semi-privately owned with some element of government mixed in there and they have some nice double speak on their website too, Edward Griffin has a good talk on youtube called 'The creature from Jekyll...
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    Who's read The Wealth of Nations?

    Yeh finished it yesterday so my mind is now free of economic propaganda on TV and i can see the world the way certain people in business/finance/economics/politics ( i mean soul less people like Murdoch and other rock spider looking billionaires) see it, i realise they see uneducated people in...
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    Resisting Climate Hysteria

    "Global warming" is a political/economical propaganda term havnt bothered reading books on it because i dont really care, in one of the finance lectures i was watching online the guy mentioned carbon credits were conceived at.... enron lmao. Gore must of thought it was a profitable business idea...
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    Who's read The Wealth of Nations?

    Ok i have learnt more in 6 hours than from reading 2 textbooks on economics/finance. If someone wants to download it all 5 books are ~40 hours i download them with this and listen at 1.8 speed.
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    Who's read The Wealth of Nations?

    Ok so Adam Smiths wealth of nations appears to be the foundational book of economics/capitalism and im pretty sure i wont fully appreciate economics/capitalism till i read it (or listen to it) so im a few hours into section 1 of 5 of the audio book on youtube, Has anyone else read it? Based on...
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    What's the spread when selling gold?

    Yeh looks like ASX does it PMgold = Perth mint gold So thats a futures contract correct? What website can you go long or short on gold on?
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    Website for futures/CFDs on commodities in Australia?

    So what website does someone use for commodity trading in Australia? Thanks.
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    Good financial/investment video lectures, amazing actually

    Lecture 2 of portfolio investment theory is good he is busting a lot of myths to do with investment bankers and wall street and how they are salesmen so they want you to buy stocks and how commodity sector is completely neglected in textbooks for this reason. Also the harsh truth about deceitful...
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    Good financial/investment video lectures, amazing actually

    This guy is amazing me, he has a Phd in some area of finance and based on his lectures appears to have a personal interest in finance/economics/investing etc himself. Some stuff he is saying might feel like it is going over peoples heads (which is why some of his students try and say in advance...
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    Newbie Lessons - All your questions answered

    Read the entire thread thanks sir O good insight!
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    Want to buy 2nd hand introduction to business and real estate textbooks

    As the title says want to buy introduction to business textbook and real estate textbook, im in NSW shipping would be to 2250. Cant find many second hand business/real estate textbooks on ebay/gumtree for whatever reason Optimally one of these 2 real estate textbooks...
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    New to stocks and wanting to build up capital to invest in property “By far the best book on investing ever written.” (Warren Buffett) Just finished this book highly highly recommended will change...
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    Hi all newbie here, introduction and question about Australian government bonds

    Thanks for that, wow @ google, was just looking at NAB and westpac they offer ~4.5 % pa for a 15 year cash term deposit, better than some bonds but some bonds are up to 6.25% pa or so though.... I was a bit confused with the bonds on ASX am i right to assume this is the secondary market of bonds...