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    AUT - Aurora Oil and Gas

    There was no need for that last little dig nun, was there? My beef wasn't with you, it was the fact you two kept bitching and moaning about who was right and who had the moral high ground and how it was detracting from thread.
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    AUT - Aurora Oil and Gas

    It was a legitimate question. There was a sudden drop off in chatter once resistance was broken. It seemed odd and clarification was asked for. We just had the balls to write what others were thinking, lol :D No harm intended :)
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    AUT - Aurora Oil and Gas

    Good post.. I think a lot of people who have been following this thread have been wondering the same...
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    Sexual harrassment at DJ's

    If only people sought advice from South Park...
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    Arguing on the internet

    This one's pretty funny too, lol :D
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    Arguing on the internet

    There is prob more truth to this than we all would like to admit...
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    2010 Federal Election

    ha ha! You're so easy to bait Nioka, lol :) Just joshing mate, the world needs ditch diggers otherwise who would the graduates have to manage?. ;) :D
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    Does Gillard inspire confidence?

    The way DAVE HUGHES gushes when talking about the Labor party makes me ill.
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    2010 Federal Election

    All those people should have worked harder at school, went to uni and then got a decent job. ;) *ducks head* lol
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    Internet Filtering: Australia heads further towards totalitarianism

    This is very good news.
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    EKA - Eureka Energy

    ...............Awe bought just under 5% of Eureka after finalising the ADI purchase from memory............
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    August Stock Competition Entries!

    I wouldn't be suprised to see a takeover bid launched on EKA this month.
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    Reinvigorate ASF as a stock forum

    Don't like it, don't read it. no one has a gun to your head
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    AUT - Aurora Oil and Gas

    Where are the mods because this thread is another fine example of just how far downhill this site has gone.