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    Course of sales query

    Hi all, Have been watching a particular stock with interest for a while now and noticed yesterday that it had huge increase in volume and when i was looking at the course of sales just to be nosey there where 20+ transactions (last count) of share sales for a quantitiy of 83,334. I'm sure i...
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    What does the "number" column in market depth mean?

    Re: Market Depth Same thing in different text... Number of buyers that make up that quantity of shares to be bought at that price ;) (I hope, thats what I always thought it was)
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    Military strike on Iran

    I dont think the west would have to strike Iran. Israel would strike first as they did in 81 at the Osiraq nuclear centre. They have already said that as long as they could do something about it they will by all means neccesary do whatever it takes to ensure Iran does not have nuclear arms. I...
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    ASX Sharemarket Game 2008

    Re: ASX Sharemarket game Been heading down the gurgler myself. Not being able to set a stop for my trades has seen me give back all my profits and some. Goes to show how important in real life having a stop loss in place really is.
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    Computer Virus Help!

    System restore is the best bet by far as mentioned by noobs, that has got me out of the crap in quite a few occasions. whenever its a malicious software then that is defintly go. :2twocents
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    What's with Hoods on Jackets?

    go the hoodies!! I think there great. although l think you look like a twat on a nice sunny hot day with it draped over your head, bit like the wallies wearing beanies on hot days, must make the head stink! Nothing better than when your standin out in the cold and you have a warm hoodie to...
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    Sanford to Commsec - where's the 25k?

    Mornin, was wondering the other day what happend to the 25k that commsec was offering to ex sanford and Avcol clients in their competition. Just curious if anyone actually won it or if it was swept under the rug. Havent read or seen anything about since the changeover. maybe i imagined it...
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    Financial planners in Perth?

    Hi Rick, My brother in law is one in perth, and no i dont get any spotter fees :). PM me if you would like his details.
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    Calculation of DCF?

    Hi, was being nosey and looked it up on wikipedia, this has the formula and examples. Not sure if this is what you were after but thought I'd mention it just in case.
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    CGT Questions

    Re: CGT question yes i also agree with chewy and yelnats, however.... sit down and have a good chat with your accountant. my accountant told me that you cant (not sposed to) offset your capital losses against your regular income but it is a bit of a grey area and there are ways around...
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    Check that index

    this is also a good way to determine the strength of your stock. if the stocks index is going north but your stock is heading south this is weakness and vice versa for strength. question what it means.
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    Hi blaze87, the topic of mentors was brought up just a little while ago and there is some great advice on there. here's the link for the thread. Hope this helps.
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    Free ASX data feeds for Metastock etc.?

    Re: Free ASX Data Feeds for Metastock etc? Who do you have a broker account with? Some online brokers provide free EOD as part of the service.
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    ASX Sharemarket Game 2008

    Apologies if this has been mentioned but i couldn't find a reference to it for the 1st game for 2008 but registration is now open for those of you who want to practise with some play money. Game commences 21st Feb.
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    Stock Brokers List

    Re: Stock Brokers Hi heres a page that i found very usefull when selecting my broker, it just compares different ones so you can see what tools and services each provide.