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    Hand Drawing Charts for the SPI?

    Hi Jim Welcome to Aussie Stock Forums! Thanks for taking time to explain your field of study to us, it's always encouraging to have interesting traders here on ASF. I'm glad to hear that you try to keep your analysis and forecasts simple rather than making it too complex. Excuse me for...
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    IB Tax Forms: What would you like?

    Thanks Steve, this is a great initiative. Firstly, a simple issue- if formatting and color in the layout and template is kept simple it helps with making them printer friendly and easy to read. Secondly, most large Australian co's send out tax summaries of their payments to sh's, maybe...
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    Gold Price - Where is it heading?

    Ladies & Gentlemen, congratulations on conducting a dignified and robust debate! I trust that we (this means all ASF members) will continue to resolve our differences in the same spirit. We have all gotten a lot more out of this recent series of discussions than we would have had we resorted...
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    Trading full time - what do you think will happen?

    Hello Jersey Thank you for being so forthright in your posts. I'm sure many newbies see something of themselves in you. They will benefit from the responses of the more experienced traders to your queries. This is one of the many threads discussing Van Tharp, remember to use the 'search' tool...
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    Brokerage/platforms terrible in Oz

    Here, we are looking at an international broker holding retail client stock (rather than nominee companies investing in other companies) in comparison to the direct and more transparent holding structure of CHESS. Another point of distinction is that larger instos would have more influence and...
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    Brokerage/platforms terrible in Oz

    When discussing 'ownership' maybe we should be careful to distinguish between legal title and equitable title where intermediaries or trustees are involved. I haven't had any trouble with IB crediting me for the gross dividend amount for some of the holdings I've checked on so far. As for the...
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    Cycles Analysis

    Thanks WP for those charts and the tips on how to use them, it's good to have confirmation in this form, it adds to the weight of odds.
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    Brokerage/platforms terrible in Oz

    Concerning the recent comments: While I haven't commented yet I'm glad that members are expressing their views without fear or favour, both here and in other threads. Provided that opinions are well based and argued, everyone is encouraged to debate a matter. It's important for transparency...
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    Interactive Brokers Troubleshooting

    It's the wording that I'm going by as I haven't shorted via IB before, it appeared ambiguous to me. I should have read the statement as follows:
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    Interactive Brokers Troubleshooting

    Thanks Steve, that looks like a much easier way to do it. btw, is my understanding of the dividend paying issue correct per my last post? ie IB collects the amount prior to ex-div date if our short position is open after the declaration of the dividend by the co?...and presumably you return...
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    Interactive Brokers Troubleshooting

    Here's something for those who want to check (ASX) stock availability for short selling. This tool might help give us some idea of availability- note the IB disclaimers. (See attached image- checked it Sunday arvo) Log into your IB account online. Clicking on the tools icon will bring up a list...
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    ETFs - American Exchange Traded Funds

    Re: ETF's - American Exchange Traded Funds It's my pleasure. Here's a bit more. I've been looking for the best ETF for exposure to spot gold. Does anyone who is familiar with the US markets know which one of these ETF's is the premier comex gold etf? Looking at it in terms of liquidity...
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    PPS Trading System by Curtis Arnold

    Nice chart MW, thx: fwiw I see a solid downtrend in place with strong momentum, large spaces between the swing highs/lows. Dropping like a rock. A minor double top appeared in the downtrend which tested resistance at $2, the response was to keep going down, still too much supply. A small...
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    PPS Trading System by Curtis Arnold

    Guys, please make your posts relevant to the topic or some of the last few posts will be sheared off into a new thread- you can continue your discussion there, it's too good to ignore. All this talk of risk and randomness and application of theory is fine but please compare it to Curtis...
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    PPS Trading System by Curtis Arnold

    That's a great point about points of differentiation, I found that important (and initially irksome) in comparing traditional triangles to EW. In terms of numbering the internal swings of triangles there seem to be different ways to do it. PPS has very specific criteria for defining a triangle...