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    Earth Hour Tonight

    thankyou Sails. life intervened over the last few months but hopefully on track now. I went to the football last night and they kept repeating the message that if the lights go out, then to stay seated and the emergency lights would be activated. We thought then that the spike at 9.30 when...
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    Earth Hour Tonight

    Gosh, I haven't posted in over a year but feel compelled to do so on this thread. I think it is all wank. There is the Grand Prix in Melbourne this week, and all the carbon emissions that involves even just getting the cars here, then there is the race itself. We had the Clipsal Race here...
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    Oh dear the Henry tax has just killed my mining portfolio

    Re: Oh dear the RUDD GOVERNMENT has just killed my mining portfolio Henry didnt kill your portfolio Rudd did. SO much for the increase in Mining Tax to fund our super, mine fell $15,000 over last two days. Increasing the contributions to 12% can never make up for that. I am so :banghead:
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    Women turning into Men?

    Well, I have to agree with that, as long as the qualifications required are necessary for the job.
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    Tony Cuts Bludgers Funds

    The media love to create a story then run with it as the gospel truth. Sigh.
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    Women turning into Men?

    Yep Bunyip. Didn't want to disappoint the fans. ;)
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    Women turning into Men?

    Oh my gosh, that is shocking!:eek: heaven help it that a WOMAN:eek: should do a job that was predestined for a man! What is this world coming to. Do you guys know how fuddy duddy you all sound? Thank God for enlightened souls like Tech/A!
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    Women turning into Men?

    Actually I think it is OH&S requirements that no-one, even burly men :eek: should be required to lift more 20k's - not good for anyone. or dont you burly men get injured? Hmm, I think workcover might say something different.
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    Paying franked dividends from your own company

    Yep, thats my understanding too - from past tax paid.
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    Racism in India

    I think the media runs the country! And I hate it when the media says things like "People are clamouring for information about ABC person" - no they aren't, the media just tells us that we are because that is what their agenda, not ours! Or they make up some details, then go out of their way...
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    Racism in India

    Many Asian cultures prefer lighter skin to darker skin, hence they protect their skin when in the sun so they dont accumulate a tan. Is that racist? How could it be when they are all the same race. It is like some men preferring blondes to brunettes for instance, and calling that racist...
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    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Seasons Greetings everyone and hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas. This has been a rollercoaster year for me so I am really looking forward to a better year ahead. And plan to buy the best quality champers to bring it in.
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    Our house got burgled

    It is a horrible feeling. We have had two attempted break ins - windows smashed in 1 attempt, the other occurred just as hubby was arriving home and he saw a guy about to smash the glass of our sliding door out back with an iron bar. Not wanting to be injured himself, he yelled and yelled just...
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    The loss of a pet

    Hi Nyden I am sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved pet. Pets are more than just 'pets' - they worm their way into your hearts and fill a unique space in your life. They give undemanding love. The only advice I can offer is that eventually you will feel better, but there is no magic...
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    What kind of Pet/animal do you own?

    Great Post Dalek. And sorry my pictures are so big - they are bigger than Mikko! Anyway, here he is enjoying the remains of some coldies - the cardboard, anyway. He is quite a fan of Boags