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    The World is on the brink!

    I dont know much about foreign policy so cant really comment on it. But within the US he has tried his hardest to improve the life of average Americans, and constantly been blocked by others who are not willing to even try and work with him
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    The World is on the brink!

    Living in America the last three years, Obama has been way better than any alternative. I hate to discuss politics (as they are all useless) but in such a divided nation like the US you need someone calm and collected who is actually trying to do what is best for the country (not himself or...
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    My super is in fixed interest and is decreasing: any advice?

    Great thread here guys, some real knowledge being shared :)
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    Why did AUD strengthen after RBA rate cut?

    I would argue that if any market is 100% efficient it is the currency markets. There is so much volume/liquidity, inputs and information, it is nearly impossible for it to be inefficient (bar the odd case of leaked information early, but once that info becomes available it is instantly priced in)
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    A2B - A2B Australia

    Agreed. While i dont necessarily agree with some of Ubers pricing and tactics, if people are willing to drive for them then so be it. From a user perspective with Uber/Lyft, unlike cabs, i have: * Never been refused a ride * Never felt unsafe * Never had to explain directions in turn by...
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    UNS - Unilife Corporation

    Yep, amazing how the market and investors can go so long being blinded by hype and 'potential'
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    NZS - New Zealand and Coastal Seafoods

    I remember contacting these guys a couple years back on a business matter and they were super brusque and not willing to look into anything new. Hence why i would never invest or recommend them. Note to all company execs, you never know who could be a potential investor so try treating...
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    FGL - Frugl Group

    Would you happen to have a list of those reverse t/o targets? That would be really useful to me on a personal front for work
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    ANZ - ANZ Banking Group

    Im a little confused. People in this thread are acting like the shareholders are separate to the bank. The shareholders ARE the bank, so of course anything that has a negative effect on the bank will hit the share price. Its not like the shareholders are 'paying for it' they own the company...
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    The $600 M chippie - How DID he do it?

    As many here suspected it appears he probably used a fake up to fool the lawyer
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    TPW - Temple & Webster Group

    Great discussion by 2 of ASF's best :)
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    Is anyone a CFA??

    Congrats man, i missed out be a couple % as i moved internationally during my study period. But still, trying to learn everything by myself was proving super difficult
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    MSM - MSM Corporation International

    Reverse listing here, of a 'tech' type company, raised 7m AUD. Looking to do some form of online 'American idol' with a 1m prize for the first winner
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    Colorado, gun control and the 2nd Amendment

    There is no point also owning a gun. When is the last time you saw one of these stopped by a civilian? It just doesn't happen. If i had a gun and a shooting started i would 1. run for cover. 2. not trust myself to aim properly with the adrenaline even if i did have time 3. worry about...
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    OFX - OFX Group

    Re: OFX - OzForex Group Prelim takeover bid by Western Union today. WUBS has a history of screwing up acquisitions from the client perspective, so will be interesting how this goes through in the mid term, but as licensing and compliance gets more difficult and costly you are likely to see 2...