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    DMM - DMC Mining

    the phrasology used in his intro seemed to suggest that he worked on a contract basis with FMG (among the others), definitely would be phrased differently if direct employment
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    CMR - Compass Resources

    spank ham it may console you to know i have had the same experience with our mates at that particular establishment. that was when i first started out, at least its made me a little more discerning about who i listen to, and more importantly to be critical of everything i hear :)
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    GBG - Gindalbie Metals

    yes i saw this ann this morning, 10 hours later i check forums tonight and no one is interested! whats the deal jonojpsg?
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    PTM - Platinum Asset Management

    i used to pay a lot of attention to our notorious newsletter but disregard it these days, i think it had a good run while things were coasting along but IMHO its shortcomings have become evident lately (regardless of wider market negativity).
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    FMG - Fortescue Metals

    i bought in at ~$22 before the share split, current price equivalent would of course be ~$2.20. i can solely thank charlie aitken for starting me on the research path to that purchase, the man has a rare degree of insight and clarity of thought that i find rare in our mainstream media...