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    QRE - BetaShares S&P/ASX 200 Resources Sector ETF

    Added to the SMSF this week, Resources are clearly out of favour (maybe the best time to buy?) but for a long term hold this low cost ETF gives a bit of everything in the sector which at some stage will come back to life, in the mean time a decent yield and with everything priced in $US a...
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    MPL - Medibank Private

    Re: MPL - Medibank Private IPO :vomit::bowdown::horse::twak::shoot:
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    MPL - Medibank Private

    Re: MPL - Medibank Private IPO But you can sell them (well from my understanding from talking to Commsec :confused: ), its on a deferred basis and you get the price they are trading at when you do sell, so on day one you could have sold at around $2-20 when they started trading, its just...
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    MPL - Medibank Private

    Re: MPL - Medibank Private IPO So how come so many seem to be changing hands? From my understanding from a phone call yesterday to CommSec, im sure they said i could sell them but the trade wont settle until Dec 5th as they are trading on a deferred basis. You have to call the broker...
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    MPL - Medibank Private

    Re: MPL - Medibank Private IPO Well this whole thing is a mess, thought I had $4700 worth, then it was showing about $3600, now im told I wont know my allocation until early December (and any further refund will be done then), apparently you can get these details if you have an ARN, whatever...
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    MPL - Medibank Private

    Re: MPL - Medibank Private IPO So much for CommSec and there FIRM allocation:banghead: applied for the maximum $5K allowed and then $296 was credited back to my account a week later so thought I was getting $4704 worth and was happy with that so didn’t apply for any more but this morning my...
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    MPL - Medibank Private

    Re: MPL - Medibank Private IPO Yes, me too, I looked in my account and was like, what the heck! Think it’s the scale back, I applied for the full $5K and they have sent back $296, so I am getting $4704 worth at whatever the price is. My guess is Comsec had a dollar amount to offer to clients...
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    Broker/adviser, or do it myself?

    :2twocents You can go down 3 paths, you learn, learn, learn and no doubt make a few mistakes along the way or 2, you use a respected and trustworthy financial advisor or thirdly, use low cost ETF and either just monitor them or leave your money there for a few years as you learn all about...
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    MPL - Medibank Private

    Re: MPL - Medibank Private IPO Update Commsec have just told me I need to Bpay ASAP to get my broker firm offer, asked why they sent out email saying pay by 10th November????? :banghead: Didn’t really answer :mad: so if you too got that email and are leaving it until the end of the week...
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    MPL - Medibank Private

    Re: MPL - Medibank Private IPO No they don’t, well not if you elect to Bpay. I put in for the full amount and it got accepted(subject to scale back), email then arrived saying I need to Bpay by 5pm on 10th November ( it does however say in the small print that they can bring forward...
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    WMK - Watermark Market Neutral Fund

    Check out the directors of this LIC? and which LIC those directors run/or are a directors of, another example were the same names pop up!!! Jobs for the boys……… :mad:
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    November Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    GGG for me, its just getting primed to take off :xyxthumbs *crosses fingers and look to the sky in hope
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    PAF - PM Capital Asian Opportunities Fund

    Added to the SMSF this week, well down from its float price of $1 a few months ago and sitting mainly in cash as it slowly builds a portfolio, next to no exposure to the Aussie Dollar, surely that’s done well? They recommend a 5 to 7 year investment timeframe that suits me:D
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    Listed investment Company Directors, what do they do?

    Either me being overly sceptical and thinking this is a bit of a gravy train, or are these posts really justified and add value to company’s, seems there are more than a few people making a VERY good living from being on the board of multiple LIC,s. Noticed just today with Wilson funds (ASX...
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    Managed Funds - invest directly or through a broker?

    VAS is an ETF not a managed fund though :error:, as well as ETF Vanguard have managed funds.