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    Share Purchase Plan Trading

    yes I agree with both risks mentioned Lets see how this mob performs over a year ( assuming they do disclose all the wins and losses)
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    Strategy to get exposure to Share Purchase Plans

    I just posted about the same.... do you agree withe risks I mentioned
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    Share Purchase Plan Trading

    Has anybody explored this offering being marketed it is called Share Purchase Plan Harvester (SPP Harvester) Idea is 1) You purchase 1 share each of selected 300 ASX listed companies 2) If and when any of company announces a SPP you get to participate, idea is there will be a discount, you...
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    Covered Calls 5 years on

    "Covered call learning the hard way" CC is perhaps one of the most widely marketed strategy under banners like " Get a monthly income/ Rent your stock " etc It was even marketed as a "Moo cow" strategy by a mass marketing seminar sellers few years ago ASIC banned his company after few years (...
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    Halifax went under external administration

    Copy cat Sonray collapse! When are we going to learn and when is ASIC going to learn ! This once again shows by dealing in OTC as compared to Exchange* traded products we take on one more risk but average joey does not know that they see an AFSL and wording like Segregated accounts with Tier...
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    The Sharemarket College

    LOL 46 Wharf Street Kangaroo Point and they have Authorized Rep of an AFSL.. ASIC indeed is a toothless watchdog
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    Blockchains, cryptocurrencies and the future...

    LOL I agree specially the uber-libertarian fantasy... Next I dread to see unlicensed un insured UBER Hospitals, Aged care etc etc .. it is only an app! We already had a debacle of a New Super with ref to millennial oh what a great on boarding process ooooh I am a millennial I dont care about...
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    Blockchains, cryptocurrencies and the future...

    my concern is not the technology but the snake oil marketing under the disguise of an ICO. SEC is cracking down on questionable ICOs good on them, What is an IPO, "I give you money and you carry an enterprise for profit" and ICO is no diff at the end of the day I am still risking money but an...
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    SEC (USA) starts taking action on questionable ICOs SAN FRANCISCO — The Securities and Exchange Commission has sent subpoenas to dozens of people and companies behind the rise of so-called initial coin offerings, about time ...:banghead: Many companies are...
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    Mainland China and Non China Futures Synthetic spreads

    Come across this Singapore based software which seems to provide a Autospreader to cater for Mainland China Futures/ Non China Futures It seems this is only for those who can "Legally" trade on Mainland China exchanges! Anybody doing this?
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    ICO scrutiny Playchip

    Recently I posted a thread titled ICO / IPO and regulators but hardly any response , I thought ICO was the flavor of the month! Any way it seems there are 2 ICO under ASIC jurisdction currently in discussion one called AUSCOIN with lot of controversy and the other one called PLAYCHIP The...
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    ICO / IPO and regulators

    A recent news from Singapore's financial regulator made me think again FINTECH/ ICO has been a buzz word in recent years but many forget that irrespective of the buzz and hype / new technology etc the fundamental of all this is a Financial product and i't marketing, or am I missing something? In...
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    Looking for a reputable CBOT/CME Futures broker to trade currencies

    IB should be good , but why did they force AUS residents to move accounts under ASIC, This step means less client money protection, NO SIPC protection anymore! and that is cold hard fact is it not!
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    Looking for a reputable CBOT/CME Futures broker to trade currencies

    Australian based or US? ( both you and the broker) a/c size - One issue with Australian based brokers including IB AUS is client money safety from that point of view I would choose a US broker who has both Equity and Futures in one a/c , advantage: money is swept back to SIPC protected a/c...
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    Star Beta trials? Feb 2018

    Hi Any traders going through Starbeta trials? Feb 2018? - is there any online chat group ? where we can discuss experiences?