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    CVN - Carnarvon Energy

    @Garpal Gumnut I am losing patience to celebrate champagne 🥂 🍾. Please do something in Oct 👏 👏 👏
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    FGL - Frugl Group

    Looking back, I noticed FGL had many names in the past. is it a rainbow stock then with multiple colors? Any way, here go my posting to fulfil the conditions of tipping :) On Friday the stock price dived down by 27% Unfortunately on the same day, substantial shareholding notice meaning the...
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    FGL - Frugl Group

    Tipped Fgl in oct
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    October 2022 Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    FGL for me @Joe Blow . Will update. No reason. Just rando.. Thanks @donfor bringing my attention that MEK was taken.
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    October 2022 Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    @Joe Blow MEK again for me
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    FDV - Frontier Digital Ventures

    Head I win, tell you loose 😀 These forecasters are terrible and protected by so many assumptions.
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    IGO - IGO Limited

    I hold IGO and a great company. But the local management style with an attitude from HR asking people to work 50 hrs/week with a typical pay of 40 hrs/week unlikely to attract better people . So unless the work attitude improves, the profit is a short time gain.
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    CVN - Carnarvon Energy

    I am waiting to buy the champagne for @Garpal Gumnut :)
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    RHC - Ramsay Health Care

    Did u predict KKR bid was a stunt 😳
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    RHC - Ramsay Health Care

    Another +10 % down today. What's there tomorrow?
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    NC1 - NICO Resources

    great announcement but market did not even blink price or volume wise. Probably NC1 needs to commission Next Investors, Catalyst and alike pumpers to jack up the price...
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    LYC - Lynas Rare Earths

    Hello @DrBourse Good points. As a disclosure I do hold LYC of a small amount and the price has gone south. But on technical merit, I believe Lynas has a great future. Look at the offtakes guaranteed. Fund is from Japan. Why because people other than PRC, see Lynas as a great future alternative...
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    NC1 - NICO Resources The CEO got flogging and has been investing a big chunk until then. The flogging also stripped STI from the CEO. How long he is going to stay with the...
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    ABX - ABx Group

    already 25% rose following Fat Prophet's recommendation.
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    IVZ - Invictus Energy

    Another capital raise @23 CENTS and a big thud on share price to 20.5 cents and would see it further down to 18 cents tomorrow . ASIC is just a dumb watcher to do any thing on artificially jacked prices before dodgy CR letting lot many investors to fall into a trap.:(...