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    Dr Marc Faber SPEAKS...

    I've only ever heard Dr Mark being extremely bearish. Has he ever been long on anything but gold?
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    Rare Earths

    Is anyone working on a spreadsheet with all these rare earths on them and the % that each company has discovered? Looks like a good way to see whether these explorers have found anything of value. Or not.
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    Rare Earths

    Could probably add HYM Hyperion Metals to the rare earths list. Gone from 3c to over a buck in the past 2 years. Been following for some time trying to understand the field. Not sure if I really get it so been waiting for some price action to tell me where it was going. I thought the break up...
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    Potential Breakout Alerts!

    Hi Soke, welcome aboard. :) Not sure if FMG is looking at a 'potential breakout' at the moment, or maybe going through a dead cat bounce, or potential recovery mode. There's quite a few threads on Wyckoff trading on the site you might want to visit where your analysis of FMG might fit in...
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    FLT - Flight Centre Travel Group

    I'm betting on the opposite. People are cashed up and jumping out of their skin to book trips asap. I'll buy you a beer when it goes back to pre-Covid sp. šŸ»
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    FLT - Flight Centre Travel Group

    $20 resistance looks gone. For now. Has had a few good runs since the bottom of the Covid fears with consolidation periods between. Has set a trend of price action.
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    LOT - Lotus Resources

    LOT is looking like the next best player on C&M going back into production I reckon. Proven miner, good grades, low Capex to get back, and MC hasn't really got out of control, especially after this nice consolidation, which looks similar to the other players. Expect 24c support now that some of...
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    KTA - Krakatoa Resources

    Seems to have followed through on that potential. Wasn't watching close enough on Friday arvo and missed it...
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    BOE - Boss Energy

    Now getting that consolidation I was expecting and hoping for after peaking at 35c. Was way overbought in the short term and very frothy. Not sure if that's a word. Had to take some profits on this and DYL but will probably add more once the dust settles a bit. I did have a 3-5 year plan on this...
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    MLX - Metals X

    Gotta be happy with this one. :D Buy and hold or trade plan?
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    NST - Northern Star Resources

    Interesting how that happens. General market crashes just flush everyone's money away. Scaredy cats. Having said that, really odd how badly NST has been punished though. Agree with support there @finicky
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    CTM - Centaurus Metals

    Step out drilling at Onca Preta will add more tonnage to future upgrades. Hopefully Tigre turns into something and these guys will be on their way to 100Mt @ 1% Ni for about 1Mt contained Ni. That's ambitious but would be a very good result going to DFS late next year. Long way off yet and...
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    LEX - Lefroy Exploration

    The excitement in Feb/Mar was based on hole 260 that wasn't able to be replicated and all other drilling seems pretty average. Today's ann didn't really show anything worth worrying about, imo. 'Significant' new results include: 0.14% Cu and 0.10g/t Au. That's dirt. (confused emoji here)
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    KTA - Krakatoa Resources

    Well done. I made about $5 on the breakout trade. Didn't follow through as liked. Forming a nice little flag/pennant thingy now. Potential break up play perhaps.
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    Potential Breakout Alerts!

    Add FLT to those two. Very similar set ups. All Covid stocks.