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    How much is too little?

    Maybe. Bigger companies have gone down in better circumstances. IN various industries. Enron springs to mind - accounting fraud if I recall correctly. And it affected/killed PG&E. Assume nothing.
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    ****ASF Breaking News****

    Loads of speculation on Beirut. Last radio report had the fertiliser, fireworks, Gas bottles in the list. Get a fire, and have one gas bottle pop and that'd set it off. Ammonium nitrate was used by farmers to blow stumps when I was young.
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    Lean left on economy, Lean right on culture = winning formula

    When I read this, the first thing I wanted to ask was "May I have the recipe?"...
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    How much is too little?

    Companies go bankrupt. Depends on what happens and how their business is split, and is run. Many people have lost the lot in a company - even companies that have been around for over 100 years...... Assume nothing.
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    The lunatic left

    Jacinta Price's comments in early June certainly upset people - especially comments like: “70 per cent of Aboriginal men and women incarcerated are incarcerated for acts of violence against their loves ones”. “You don’t care because the perpetrators are also black, people only care if there is...
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    BLM spread caused Melbourne COVID-19 clusters

    Or maybe not. Misreported by the Australian? "Victorian health officials have refuted claims there is a link between the Black Lives Matter protest and a coronavirus outbreak in Melbourne’s public housing towers. The Australian reported on Tuesday authorities that two people who attended...
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    Why do you want to live in Australia?

    It's like a balanced portfolio - got the right mix of everything (including some poor performers).
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    Travel - Where to go/Where not to go?

    Depends on where/what floats your boat and how much $ you have. I haven't been anywhere I haven't liked. Except to work.
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    Why do Australians use real estate agents?

    Try selling a house in Australia whilst you live overseas, as we did. Whilst I'm sure it CAN be done, what a hassle that would be. Am thinking of selling and trying to decide if to do it ourselves.
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    Anyone play guitar?

    I don't know of one but that sounds good to me. My favourite bass is my early 60's Hofner President Bass - as old as me. Great for jazz. I also like my Sachar Amos weissenborn - lap slide is a totally different experience.
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    Domestic Violence - Royal Commission in Victoria

    The influence of a good role model and community support/standards is under-rated. Celia Lashlie noted this and worked towards it - see the link below. Being orphaned at a very early age statistically i should have been in trouble with the Police and maybe ended up in prison. But I was lucky...
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    Movies - What have you watched lately?

    The 100 Foot Journey A pleasant movie about a displaced Indian that opens a restaurant in a french village opposite an acclaimed restaurant & the culinary war that erupts. For a quiet relaxing night in. The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel I thought this might be a sad sequel but enjoyed...
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    Stress related health issues

    Couple of important things I have learned over time: Learn to say NO Make appointments with yourself, and when asked to do something that clashes say "Sorry. I have somethign else booked at that time." Further to your Church life, rest on the 7th day. Wreck your health, wreck your life...
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    A member of my family has problems and after seeing Drs, Psychs and counsellors went to a new GP because the latest meds weren't helping much. GP said it's psychiatrist time. Psychiatrist in first visit said I think I know what your problem is, let me think about it. Visit 2 - got a...