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    Computer specs: please help!

    It is not uncommon to find that some of the newer/faster processors are in fact more efficient these days. I have not specifically compared the P8400 to the P8600 but would expect this to be the case. I'd probably start with Tom's Hardware site and go from there ( HOWEVER...
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    Fat Prophets - Fat Free email stocks

    It's MUN although the SP has recently appreciated to 26c+ Cheers, JM
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    Rugby League Louts

    Sounds like a kangaroo court to me.... Don't underestimate what a good legal team will be capable of either. 1. He's a Type I diabetic.... medical ramifications + alcohol etc 2. His reputation/history will work in his favour (rather than against him) 3. Seems DNA testing has come...
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    BRM - Brockman Resources

    Chinese buying perhaps.... Reuters Newswire, just before close, indicated that this could be the case. I guess tomorrow's open may confirm or otherwise. Cheers, JM
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    Esuperfund SMSF brokers

    Re: Esuperfunds SMSF brokers I understand the restriction(s) Esuper are placing on your share trading account (Commsec) and your CMA (Macquarie), however, I'm not so clear on any restrictions that may be applied to other accounts (e.g. Term Deposits). Do these guys (Esuper) also have...
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    Fat Prophets - Fat Free email stocks

    Yep, all correct! BTW the last explorer mentioned is OEX. Cheers, JM
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    Fat Prophets - Fat Free email stocks

    Yes, this would be Salinas Energy SAE. Read their latest presentation which is on their web site - February 2008 - and you will see that there is a "perfect match" with respect to FP's email. Cheers, JM
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    CLE - Cyclone Metals

    Would it be reasonable to conclude that the due diligence is proceeding really well given that they have moved on FIRB approval? My understanding is that this process is expensive (maybe chicken feed to these guys!!!) circa $1M. Confidence in this is increasing. Cheers, JM
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    BRM - Brockman Resources

    As much as many ASF members are not great fans of HC, there are a couple of posts that are worth a read on this subject.... and/or read the posts around them if you can put up with the copious rubbish posts too!!! A poster "uio" put up a post on "io experts" (a BRM thread) at 18:20 on...
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    Fat Prophets - Fat Free email stocks

    I think they are probably referring to SBM, CNT & Andean Resources (code escapes me for the moment and too lazy to look it up!!!). What did they say about VRE which they recommended forever and a day????? LST (one of their favourites) also has significant exposure to VRE. MUN is another...
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    Fat Prophets - Fat Free email stocks

    Yes FP have recommended AZS over the last 12 - 18 months so probably a good guess.
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    Holiday Photos

    The problem you have as a SCUBA diver... in such situations you are probably better off staying where you are (down deep) and trying to stare the bloody thing down. You are most likely to get "hit" at or near the surface - especially if you are thrashing around trying to get out of the water...
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    ZFX - Zinifex Limited

    Yes the dividend yield and "no debt" status of this company attracted me to pick up a few yesterday at $14-40. In fact I sold 2 of my more speculative Ni shares (incurring a loss of 30%) and used the funds to enter this stock which was also at least 30% off its recent highs.... I guess I reason...
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    Resources Boom Article BRW

    An interesting article in the BRW (5th July) well worth a read. "Masters of Mining" by Tim Treadgold includes a rare assessment, by seven CEO's of leading resources companies, of a boom that is set to run and run. (These CEO's include Albanese, Goodyear, Hegarty, Forrest, Gilbertson, Johnston...
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    DMA - Dynasty Resources

    Re: DMA - Dynasty Metals The options are also worth considering with very little, if any, premium and an expiry date of Feb 08. With DMAO at around 10c to 11c, I am in for a relatively low risk bet. Thank you for sharing your quality research YT.