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    ETF or Managed fund for long term investment?

    Re: ETF or Managed fund for long term investment If we have another large stock market decline like the GFC and lots of people exit the ETF to return to safer asset classes, would the ETF track the index since tax has to be paid?
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    MBN - Mirabela Nickel

    Existing holders lost 98% of their shares though, so not a great option.
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    Backtesting based on fundamental data

    Thanks for all the replies, looks like it will be more difficult than I first thought. I've been impressed with Meb Faber's work and it had given me a few ideas to play around with. KnowThePast, very impressed with your software, some SERIOUS work has gone into that. I've coded a really...
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    Backtesting based on fundamental data

    Anyone been successful in backtesting based on fundamental data (pe ratio, dividend yield, debt ratio etc.) as opposed to more conventional bactesting on technical data (price, volume etc) Lets just say I wanted to compare -25% lowest p/e stocks vs the index or -top 20 by debt yield vs...
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    Long term trend following - Futures

    Any experiences to share on trend following with futures? Most of the stuff I've read or seen has been trend following with stocks rather than futures. Commodities do seem to be a bit more 'trendy' than equities. Looking at a system like this one...
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    Unholy Grails - Amibroker

    This is what I had SetForeign("XAO"); IndexFilterMovingAverage = 75; movavg = MA( C, IndexFilterMovingAverage ); RestorePriceArrays(); Then add the condition to your buy/sell code.
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    AmiBroker > Backtesting > BuyPrice is not the entry price?

    If you average the XAO for the last 3 weeks it will give you a value of something around 4300-4400. I can't think of too many (actually none on the ASX) stocks that trade at $4400, so your stock is never going to cross 4400. I wonder if you really mean -select buys from a basket of stocks...
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    Good trading interviews/tutorials to listen to while at work

    Was amazed with the correlation between the run up to 87 & the 20's
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    Unholy Grails - Amibroker

    Thanks rnr, that was a bad one After making that change CAGR = 18% :( Hi Tech I gather that is your system in the book, TechTrader? Do you have any good links on Monte Carlo Amibroker testing? I tried adding PS=Optimize("Postion Score",1,1,1000,1); PositionScore = Random()*PS...
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    Unholy Grails - Amibroker

    After reading Nick Radge's Unholy Grails I was inspired to have a go at creating a system in Amibroker. I've purchased Amibroker Pro and the historical ASX data from PremiumData. Before having a go at my own system I thought I'd see if could replicate one of the systems in the book, just...
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    TGA - Thorn Group

    Good call tech. What made you like the chart, was it breaking through the resistance at $1.56?
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    Importing Migrant Workers

    Its amazing how peoples perceptions differ between industries. If you look at some male dominated, above average paying jobs eg. mining, automotive. The consensus view is we should be protecting these jobs for Australians eg. tariffs, government funding, no foreign workers. You then look...
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    Should millionaires pay the same % of tax as middle income taxpayers?

    USA Australia
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    Aust. low inflation & RBA meeting 01 May 2012

    You hear this line trotted out all the time but is it really true? If productivity growth is running at 1% per year, will it really stop you from buying a bag of apples because they'll be 1% lower? Stop you from investing in a business for 1% difference a YEAR later. Heck most businesses have...
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    Aust. low inflation & RBA meeting 01 May 2012

    Instead of worrying about how much to cut by, the RBA board should just sack themselves and close the RBA. If the government came out tomorrow and said they were going to set the prices of houses, cars or food most people would think it was completely ridiculous. How is money any different...