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    Starting an investment club

    A unit trust would be by far the best option. Just to name a few of the advantages: 1. allows for CGT discount 2. ensures profits/capital gains are distributed fairly 3. easy for beneficiaries to sell units and for new beneficiaries to buy units at market value. 4. allows unit holders...
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    Tricky CGT question - can anybody crack this?

    It all comes down to the taxpayers intention. If your intention is to hold QAN shares to derive income, then you will be entitled to claim the interest as a deduction. If QAN decide to not pay a dividend, then it won't make any difference as your intention remains the same - i.e. to hold the...
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    Tricky CGT question - can anybody crack this?

    Can you please explain to me why you think the interest cannot be capitalised and attributed towards the capital gain / loss ? Cheers
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    Tricky CGT question - can anybody crack this?

    The taxpayer would not be entitled to claim a deduction because the taxpayer has no intention to derive income from the asset. The interest would be capitalised and added to the cost base under the third element. To quote the ATO "Non-deductible interest on borrowings to finance a loan used...