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    RFG - Retail Food Group

    Also the CEO "retires" & Leverage goes from 1.6x to 2.0x
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    VTG - Vita Group

    SKC, Its hard to not talk up one's book to prove that they are indeed correct in their valuation. What's important is that management can communicate with shareholders in terms of future plans. Fluff like positive attitude should be left to motivators such as Anthony Robbins. Ice
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    DOW - Downer EDI

    I feel sorry for the retailers if the instos manage to push the price past $5.95. Ice
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    NVT - Navitas Limited

    Things are different now with a different sent of circumstances. Loss of contracts + gaining others. Ice
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    NVT - Navitas Limited

    Not as big an idiot as me. I worked that that it's eps is about 18-19c but didn't put a short in until much much later. It was a matter of too little too late.. coffee money... :mad:
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    What does this mean?

    I would put it as a red flag on management, find out who the management are as see if I hold any other stocks that these guys control and start reducing my holdings in them. Also check your market cap as well as the short list. Ice
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    NVT - Navitas Limited

    Re: NVT - Navitas They are down 7% on their Australian figures while only up 3% on their US figures. I'll put a small test short on this. Ive
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    Fundamental Analysis - The process of stock picking

    Let me add my 20c worth to this discussion as I think I've lost a bit of $$$ to know a little about these topics. For me, there are so many ways to skin a cat but ultimately, it's about finding an edge that suits your personality and lifestyle. I know guys who are successful in Fundamental...
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    KAR - Karoon Energy

    Where's everyone? About $2 in cash backing, this thing is 1.3. Guess the market is pricing in for a nothing company. Ice
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    Interactive Brokers

    The contract size is now 100 instead of 1000. Ice
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    MXI - MaxiTrans Industries

    What a horrible update. There earning were down 15% than what analyst expected and the current earnings per share works out to around 84c mark. Not sure if that's what the market will push it down to but never the less, are the any more bad news? Ice
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    QRX - QRxPharma Ltd

    I worked out that they have about $12m now. But looking at PBT, I suspect this stock is technically damaged. Ice
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    CCL - Coca-Cola Amatil

    Most guys have the attitude that if you don't sell, you haven't loss a thing saying. The other being most bad news comes in 3's so now it's a good time to buy. Both saying are just that and I personally think are traps. Ice
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    The collapse of the US dollar

    US Dollar is Fiat Currency????!!!! Backup up only by an emotional feeling such as Trust???!!!! Well, how about BitCoin then? Is that a better currency to invest in than the US Dollar? I remembered when CBD Melbourne gave the green light to have Strip Clubs, quite a number of venues were...
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    CCL - Coca-Cola Amatil

    I agree that they should have done something with SPC but now that they are going to keep going with this, I think it's a hard one if they are going to compete just on price ONLY. That ship has sailed and Gen Ys & Zs nowadays are more organic focus and environmental focus. That being the case...