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    IGO - IGO Limited

    Wonder what people think about a Put Credit spread on IGO for Nov or Dec. I get PM if it doesn't drop, and may be interested in actually being assigned at $12. ..... Say $12/$10 Put spread. Delta for the Nov17 is 0.23, and 0.26 for Dec15. Any thoughts ? Gunnerguy
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    Buying the Dip on ASX

    WDS down 4% today. I closed my 6Oct 33CC and rolled to 13Oct 32CC. Held for only 4 days ! I still have a CSP at $26 for 17Nov. Gunnerguy
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    Buying the Dip on ASX

    What about an AP 5500P/5400P Credit spread for 20Oct or not low enough ? Too early to buy more FMG or WDS ? Gunnerguy
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    Actually the inverted 2/10 yield curve DOES NOT 'guarantee' a recession. Having listened to the author (A university researcher/Ph.D student ? of some US University in maybe 1980's or 1990's) of the paper her wrote that assessed this phenomenon in a podcast he stated that 'it all depends on how...
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    The official "ASX is tanking!" panic thread

    What level would one sell an October put credit spread on ASX200 ? Is 5900/5800 ‘safe’, or could one come up to 6,200/6,000 ? Gunnerguy
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    The official "ASX is tanking!" panic thread

    RBA rate at >3.85% by EOY. FED rate at 4% (0.75, 0.5, 0.5) by EOY. Oz inflation above 7% EOY. US Inflation above 5% EOY . Oz house prices -10% EOY. IR rate cuts not before June ‘23. ...... unless the banks chicken out and give up on fighting inflation. Powell likes Volkers strategy and looks...
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    Motley Fool Hidden Gems

    If I had spelt it correctly then the post may have been banned .... and yes, I was being polite.
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    Motley Fool Hidden Gems

    I subscribed and followed them when I started investing in 1993. They just cycle each company every few months. A crock of shyte Gunnerguy
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    WES - Wesfarmers Limited

    With the results coming up, and currently a very Low IV Rank, is it worth a Long Straddle on WES ? Gunnerguy
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    RBA cash rate

    We all look for/at the complex aspects. Personally and simply I believe the market expected 50bps, but had some concern it would surprise at 75bps. It was 50 so ‘they’ we relieved and had a bit of a ‘relief’ rally. That’s all. Gunnerguy
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    RBA cash rate

    RBA tomorrow needs to raise by 75 bps. What do you think they will do tomorrow ? Gunnerguy
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    XAO Technical Analysis

    I sold a spread at 5200/5000 about a week ago. I really don’t think it will be challenged. If We go below 6,000 I’ll sell loads of calls at 7400.
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    ZIP - Zip Co Limited

    Take the tax loss next year ..... it’ll be bigger 😂😂😂😂
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    The official "ASX is tanking!" panic thread

    Just updated my portfolio. Down 7.6% since my ATH on 1st July 2021. Ahead of my personal benchmarks of FTSE, IWLD and AORDS. Ahead of these benchmarks over 1,2,3, and 4 years. Currently only 15% in cash. Offset accounts are full (ie. equivalent to the loans they offset). IR on loans are about...
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    Buying ASX Stocks on Friday in a Bear Market

    Italy in October 2019 would have been worse than Wuhan. The Covid one would have contracted wouldn’t be recognised and the hospital would have said ‘it’s just a bad cold’. 😁