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    January Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    @Joe Blow - I would like to pick IAG (insurance australia group). I have posted in the stock's thread with my reason for picking it. Hopefully I have met all the rules for joining the comp.
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    IAG - Insurance Australia Group

    I think IAG is going to rise, as it is has bounced off a minor support level near the $4.65 zone. From a technical analysis perspective, I like to buy on support and sell at resistance.
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    January Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    IAG (Insurance Australia Group) Thank you
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    AmiBroker Tips and Tricks

    Cool! Thanks for that. Now, quick question: is there a way to sync the cursor so that when it's pointing at one price on one timeframe, it'll highlight the same price on all other timeframes?
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    AmiBroker Tips and Tricks

    Hi there, how can i set up Amibroker for multiple time frame analysis? I want to have 4 chart windows open, each timeframe taking up a quarter of the screen space. weeky, daily, 4hr and 5min. Thanks in advance!
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    Image manipulation program (for making charts) wanted

    Paint3D, if memory serves me correct it is included for free with Windows 10.
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    Frankfurt Stock Exchange

    Hey all, Does anyone have a ticker list for Amibroker that has the stocks listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange?
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    Amibroker FAQ

    Update: I installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 runtime and it seems to be working fine now, the charts are showing updated prices. Thanks GB.
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    Amibroker FAQ

    I don't see 'download completed', only 'imported', next to the ticker in AmiQuote. When I double click, it says: $NAME XPE.AX Not Found I am running Windows 10 and using AmiQuote 3.10 and Amibroker 5.90 Professional Edition 64-bit.
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    Amibroker FAQ

    Hey all, I've got AmiQuote running and downloading data using the Quandl source. It shows that the data is 'imported', however when I open a chart, it's not showing the most recent data. Can anyone help?
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    MT4 training

    There's a ton of tutorials on YouTube.
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    Leveraged commodities trading

    +1 Basically follow what cogs said. Software: you can use different softwares, it really depends on your style of "investing" (trading is short term) AND more importantly your budget. Commissions charged are usually in a product specification sheet and differ from broker to broker. Comment...
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    LNG - Liquefied Natural Gas

    Wondering if it will retest the high of the bullish up day or continue its downtrend...
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    Trade Tracking Spreadsheet

    Wow, very impressed!!! Thanks for sharing this. I'm guessing you trade forex, Andrew?
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    Futures: starting out from the beginning

    This is a screenshot of my online banking transactions. I did an advanced search to bring up the tradedirect365 withdrawal amounts. PS. I don't get any rewards for recommending them, only wish them many prosperous years of business, as I really liked their customer service!