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    Complexity and Market Order/Disorder: A Deep Read: Bexland

    Hi GG, Reading this article sent me back to one of the best books of popular science and maths that I know of: "Chaos" by James Gleick. It's an easier read than the Aeon article, in spite of covering more material in more detail: no Bex required, IMO :-)
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    Electric cars?

    Errr... For a non-contributor who never heard of Sandy Munro till this morning, where are the corporate presentations and which one is the latest? Thanks
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    Hey Knobby, If the show happens is right, and I have to admit to doubt about its going ahead. No point worrying about that now though. There are so many aspects of the show to talk about that I can't get started, and I've been trying for hours. Best I've got to is this: You said Hamilton...
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    Is it appropriate to talk about 'Hamilton' here? Anyone else been blown away by the movie, or seen a live performance? Anyone else going to see it in Sydney next year (Covid permitting)? I haven't been so excited about a forthcoming performance since we got tickets for the Beatles Australian...
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    Where is/can Donald Trump take US (sic)?

    Well... No.
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    Coronavirus (COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2) outbreak discussion

    Post-polio syndrome? Chicken pox/shingles? I have no idea if these are classed as permanent damage, but it seems like a reasonable description. In both cases the virus can lurk within the body for decades before the long term effects show up; maybe Covid can do the same. At the risk of...
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    Rigging the USA election

    Some states sent out applications for mail-in ballots (not actual ballots afaik) to all registered voters. In Kentucky all registered voters were eligible to vote by mail, but they had to request an application. The cutoff to apply for a ballot was June 15. Kentucky is also one of the states...
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    The future of energy generation and storage

    This is a question for the engineers among us. I know it comes from ignorance, but I hope it's not silly. In TV news aerial shots of the Collinsville open cut coal mine it looks like a mighty big hole, which leads to the question: Is it big enough to make its feasibility as the energy source...
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    3-4 hours sleep a day

    The book "Why We Sleep", by Matthew Walker, is what you might call an eye-opening discussion of the functions of sleep. Here's the opening paragraphs: Walker, Matthew. Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams (pp. 3-4). Penguin Books Ltd. Kindle Edition I've been firmly told by a...
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    The future of energy generation and storage

    Jeez I wish engineers would stop assuming that they have professional insight into how other individuals use electricity. And while they're at it, I wish engineers would realise that calling a comment stupid is not the same thing as disproving it. Please sp, apply your engineering mind (which I...
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    The ScoMo Government

    Takes a galah to say what I'm thinking :) Thanks Bird.
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    ****ASF Breaking News****

    Which bit of the assessment is not subjective? (Come to think of it, can any assessment not be at least partly subjective?) What is not subjective in your assessment of the (an?) argument as "very strong" and what is "the opposite" for which you assert an argument exists? Does Wayne posting a...
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    ****ASF Breaking News****

    Something is wrong, but tremor can be a symptom of a wide range of problems, most not particularly threatening. FWIW I'd include Parkinson's in that group - plenty of people hold high-powered jobs while living for years with Parkinsons. Worth even less, Merckel's tremor doesn't look like...
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    MUSIC - What are ASF members listening to?

    Carmina Burana, because what goes around comes around, and around, and around...
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    Is Global Warming becoming unstoppable?

    "They" explain exactly how "they" measure background atmospheric CO2 at Mauna Loa, including how "they" account for nearby emission or absorption, here. Measurements of CO2 emissions from the volcano are interesting for other...