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    • finicky
      finicky reacted to Garpal Gumnut's post in the thread Gold Price - Where is it heading? with Like Like.
      FMG Thread = recent posts. Where to Gold ??? I have had a very crook back which at last is getting better. I had Weetbix, milk...
    • finicky
      finicky replied to the thread BC8 - Black Cat Syndicate.
      Are they trying to keep us keen as a prelude to a big capital raising?
    • finicky
      I believe only uninformed or having no choice people go for a property with a BC After selling that last unit and 3 experiences of BC: 1...
    • finicky
      finicky reacted to UMike's post in the thread APX - Appen Limited with Haha Haha.
      Waiting for the dip.
    • finicky
      finicky replied to the thread CHC - Charter Hall Group.
      Been following this casually after Value Collector's post. At an interesting level chartwise. Have a very poor notion of what the...
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    • finicky
      finicky replied to the thread MGL - Magontec Limited.
      Got interested. Seems very cheap based on last two years ROE and BV. Prospective as well. Then got turned off by the alloy manufacturing...
    • finicky
      finicky reacted to Dona Ferentes's post in the thread MGL - Magontec Limited with Like Like.
      And ran on recent results, for a while Profit drivers in 2022 • Sharply higher Mg price through to mid 2022 • Inventory boost • Pure Mg...
    • finicky
      finicky replied to the thread Credit Suisse collapse rumours.
      Bitcoiners are stoked. Lots of them. Other memes celebrating crypt9 sh***ng on gold.
    • finicky
      finicky reacted to UMike's post in the thread KCN - Kingsgate Consolidated with Like Like.
      Got rid of my Westpac Broking holding portion today. Still holding. (comsec) Looking back at my KCN history I have a parcel that I...
    • finicky
      finicky reacted to Sean K's post in the thread TIE - Tietto Minerals with Like Like.
      Things seem to be going OK for Tietto's ramp up to full production profile. They still claim 260Koz (according to the DFS) in the first...
    • finicky
      finicky reacted to divs4ever's post in the thread RMS - Ramelius Resources with Like Like.
      makes my top up buy in February ( 2023 ) @ 85 cents look less silly still a little under-water on RMS overall , but certainly an...
    • finicky
      finicky replied to the thread RMS - Ramelius Resources.
      @Sean K its near Rebecca, RMS's previous acquisition. They're intending to build a 'third hub'.
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    • finicky
      finicky replied to the thread GIB - Gibb River Diamonds.
      Nope - BDM not to proceed with exercising the option on Ellendale. Gibb management spin is that it's "exciting". Indisputable though is...
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    • finicky
      finicky replied to the thread BRB - Breaker Resources.
      Takeover bid in by RMS. All scrip valued at 40c per BRB share. Board approves - probably a big payout for them. Shareholders of BRB seem...
    • finicky
      finicky replied to the thread APX - Appen Limited.
      Great! I can count on 2/3rds of my cost back then. A.I is a buzz term but Appen playng a mission critical role is being dismissed by...
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