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    HOG - Hawkley Oil and Gas

    Ok followers.. This one worth a punt? New board, $2mill market cap, in 'talks' with potential deal. I have been a long time follower/investor of old HOG, and I'm back in. I heard a heartbeat....
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    HOG - Hawkley Oil and Gas

    Proposed Sale of Hawkley Oil and Gas Limited Subsidaries to Black Star Petroleum Limited Hawkley Oil and Gas Limited (“Hawkley” or “the Company”, ASX: HOG) announces that it has entered into a binding terms sheet for the proposed sale ("Proposed Sale") of Hawkley's four wholly...
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    July Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    Can I take DRK please Joe? Up 28% today. Has been on my watch list for a few months now. Ran over 250% in a day a couple months ago on the back of ridiculously high gold samples (up to 70g/t) on the Seimana Gold Prospects site in Guinea. They are back at that site and have commenced...
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    HOG - Hawkley Oil and Gas

    Hypothetically, if HOG was earning $2 million a year then it 'should' be worth somewhere around $31 million, or .10 cents a share, using a sector average P/E of 15.76 ( Obviously this doesn't take into account...
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    HOG - Hawkley Oil and Gas

    Do you see this having any impact on HOG? Considering they are only a small player in the gas game? Good crystal ball ya got there too mate! :P
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    HOG - Hawkley Oil and Gas

    Running an amateur eye over the charts etc, it doesn't look too bad. Hopefully it can turn around. Maybe see 0.035 soon? :P The volume is starting to creep up and the buyers are heavy (9.2 million) to sellers (2.4 million) Hopefully, I use that word a bit, well 202 is a goer. Fingers crossed.
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    HOG - Hawkley Oil and Gas

    Sorry in advance, I'm a stock novice, but what is this deal with this stock? Back in the AUT days I remember a wise man by the name of Condog who held this stock and praised its potential future. It then ran to 50 cents. Can somebody shed some light into what went wrong? Its my...
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    EKA - Eureka Energy

    I have read the link and from my understanding I should be compensated? It says I don't need to do anything and that I should be paid .45c a share. The process takes 4-6 weeks apparently but its been over a year. As I sais the code EKA still sits in my eTrade portfolio but with a $0 amount...
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    EKA - Eureka Energy

    Hey all, I just logged into my eTrade account after its been sitting dormant for 2 years and noticed I have no value showing for my EKA shares. After reading this thread I have sort of worked out whats going on but whomever brought EKA, should I be getting compensation or new shares? My...
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    MUSIC - What are ASF members listening to?

    gotta love the funk!
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    Poor cows

    Hate to break it to ya people but it doesn't just happen in Indonesia. Cruelty would happen in 90% of the slaughter houses. Its not a racial thing. I think that to harm to an innocent animal for "fun" is one of the lowest acts a human could do. Its cowardly. Im a meat eater and have no...
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    Will we or won't we?

    Re: Will we or won't we Im pretty happy at the moment. Live your life, dont worry about dying. Head upto Nimbin, buy a few cookies and forget whatever is happening around you :D
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    How much money per week do you need to live on?

    To survive you would only need $50 a week. That would pay for food and a warm blanket. Anything above that figure is simply to cater for our luxuries. We are a greedy lot nowadays.
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    April Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    Just realised HOG was already taken. BMG still available? :D