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    Superannuation Statistics

    Ah! but just wait until immigration at 200,000 p.a. kicks in, again. Was it not 40 % of the country's GDP growth, pre Covid ? Might be too late to save Morrison at the next election, though.
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    Superannuation, the ultimate government cash cow?

    Despite market volatility, savers in for the long haul, allocated another $ 100 billion into the (now) $ 3.4 Trillion superannuation pot in the September 1/4, up 17 % over the year. Local equities allocation of 21 % has not changed much over the past 6 years, but the international investment has...
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    Superannuation, the ultimate government cash cow?

    From today's AFR. Challenger's chairman Jeremy Cooper says the $ 3.3 Trillion in superannuation is set to grow to $ 34 Trillion in 40 years....twice the size of the ASX. By 2061 Australians' super would be a comparable size to Norway's sovereign wealth fund which at nearly 3 times the country's...
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    VNT - Ventia Services Group

    Cimic and Apollo's 70% ( ?) shareholding will be in escrow for the next 15 months at least, so there's not much free stock out in the market.
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    CIM - CIMIC Group

    Top 20 now hold 92 % of the share registry ,so it's tightly held. CIMIC shareholders were scaled back to $2,000 + 70 % above that.....just 17 million shares out of the 257 mill in the offer. Insto's got 193 million shares.
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    CIM - CIMIC Group

    Local Insto's were none too keen on the original $ 1 billion Ventia IPO priced at 12 times earnings with a healthy 6 % yield. I've only applied for five grand worth, mainly for the dividend . Might try for more if the S.P dips a fair bit on listing. It's an ok sort of company, for the long term.
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    JDO - Judo Capital Holdings

    S P down to $2 .23 today. Back in for a second bite at $ 2.25 . So that'll be another ten grand on this horse. That will have to do me, for now. There were about 40 buyers lined up at $2.25 but a lot of those orders this morning, were interrupted by the 1/2 a cent ferkels. Buggered if I know...
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    Company Directors

    " Unflushables". This Weekend's AFR article calls them psychopaths ! And they could be up to three times more numerous in the boardroom, than the 1 % outside, in the general population.
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    PDL - Pendal Group

    Today's annual result was pretty good. 24 cent dividend payable next month is up 9% on last year. S P at $ 6.95 today .Tuesday's $ 6.59 may have been the bottom.
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    VSL - Vulcan Steel

    S P at $ 7.49.....Damn. Missed it. Bidding too low will do that to you. Back to JDO for me. Seems to be bottoming out.....I think.
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    JDO - Judo Capital Holdings

    Bought ten grand worth at $2.41. Dithering for two days, so now the wiseguy has to pay top dollar. Jeeeebus, gimme strength. Shoulda followed the mob......into Westpac.
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    JDO - Judo Capital Holdings

    Forget WBC, folks. The time to get set in that thing is long gone. I'll be keeping a beady eye on this one, though. It could be a keeper, too.
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    Industry Super Funds Trustees Insider Trading

    That. And the ferkels getting in front of you with half a cent, if you have put on a large order. What is that all about?
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    Anyone buying banks yet?

    For a Nil tax payer or a retiree , buy backs will certainly provide a bit of tax benefit, sometimes, too, for a ( nominal ) 15% tax paying SMSF ( if there is no scale back ) . For everybody else on higher marginal rates , it's hardly worth the bother. Take a look at the recent result of CBA's...
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    KGN - Limited

    Article in this week's AFR quoting a gun short seller hinting at an on-line retailer in his sights. This must surely be it. Flight Centre is the number one shorted stock on the market, at the moment ( 12 % shorted ) . is not too far behind in 6 th spot with just under 9 % of its...