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    November Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    MMX please, Thanks!!!
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    October Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    FMG please, thanks!!
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    John McCain

    Why does McCain's wife look like she has glad wrap on her face? Her nose also look like MJ's, does she like little children?
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    Iemma gone!

    I never liked him anyway Nathan Rees
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    Rent From Parents or Buy Own House?

    houses are a liability considering all the taxes and interests you're bound to pay. If I had a place to stay for 150(?) a month, id stay there, use the cash to invest in shares/savings, generate secondary earnings from that, and ultimately buy the house in full cash.
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    English Premier League

    its unfortunate that tv here only focuses on the EPL. I'd like to watch more football in the south american region where they focus on strategy and tactics. exciting thing about EPL though is the fact they've got many great imports so you can see many players with different styles. only...
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    Big Mac Index

    Thats only one currency out of the other hundreds. You still can't rely on it without using several other valuations. well, next time I buy fx, ill make sure i look at
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    Barack Obama!

    Re: Barack 2008! would you shoot me if i trespass onto your land?
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    September Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    CVN please, thanks Joe
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    Big Mac Index

    sorry, i'll elaborate on my point clearly, sorry:rolleyes:, in regards to making investment decisions, especially in the short-run, the big mac index is unreliable because of the unpredictable fluctuations in FX that occurs due to many factors (ie - it assumes the world is static and ignores...
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    Barack Obama!

    Re: Barack 2008! ROFL from true facts:D
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    Sugar price is going lower

    are you looking for short term gains through volatility here?
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    how do u directly display videos on the forum?
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    all you need is a bit of energy
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    Women as Managers

    all i know is that Hilary has Testosterone problems :rolleyes: