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    CGS - Cogstate Limited

    1. No 2. Earlier today, Eisai Co., Ltd , a company incorporated in Japan and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, announced that its confirmatory phase 3 Clarity AD study of experimental therapy, Lecanemab, met primary endpoint, showing a statistically significant reduction of clinical decline...
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    TLX - Telix Pharmaceuticals

    Telix Pharmaceuticals has dropped 15 per cent, now $4.58, after the company withdrew its application for marketing authorisation for Illuccix in Europe in what it describes as an "unexpected " and "extremely disappointing" result. In a statement, Telix advised that in the late stages of review...
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    CGS - Cogstate Limited

    probably @marcelliss
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    WAK - WA Kaolin

    Since listing in late 2020, WAK has been in a narrow range. I have taken the view that Kaolin/ HPA is widespread, especially in WA, and too commonly found for any player to claim a 'unique market advantage', hence I will not take any position amongst the hopefuls. Am not sure the recent...
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    The UK: Economy & Markets

    and toss in a bit of incompetence The UK, with a new PM, has got itself in a pickle. .... high sensitivity to risk assets (which should weaken as the Fed tightens financial conditions), exposure to European stagflation and the energy shock, and external imbalances. And now POLICY misstep. As...
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    TBN - Tamboran Resources

    The deal involves Origin selling their 77.5% interest in the Beetaloo assets to a Tamboran-operated JV for an upfront cash consideration of $60 million as well as a 5.5% royalty on future production from the three permits. In addition, Origin and the Tamboran JV have entered into a binding...
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    Dividend yielding stocks

    Usually dividends this high >10% are not sustainable
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    Superannuation, the ultimate government cash cow?

    was going to jump up and down, and squawk away about the injustice of it all, because retrospectivity is generally not to be endorsed on principle, then I see that Gerry Harvey has come out and lambasted the govt for wanting to push through changes to the rules. LoL. seems like a fair thing...
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    Popping Festering Cankers

    Would that be a Sept comp entry, perchance?
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    TLG - Talga Group

    Well.... back to nearly where it was in the last week.
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    War threat in Ukraine

    looks orderly to me
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    AHL - Adrad Holdings

    Listing date 30 September 2022 ; 10:30 AM AEST ## Contact details Ph: +61 8 8243 9876 Principal Activities Design and manufacture of innovative heat transfer solutions for OE customers globally and the manufacture, importation and distribution of automotive...
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    ALI - Argo Global Listed Infrastructure

    A pity the AUD is so low, as most assets purchased are in USD.
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    September 2022 Stock Competition Entries!

    I tried. Can't do all the heavy lifting. :(
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    DUN - Dundas Minerals

    @Country Lad mentioned DUN around midday, it was up a surprising 60% when I looked .. DRILL CHIPS Highlights • Massive sulphides and ultramafic rocks encountered in two holes drilled to a maximum depth of 37m • Multiple pXRF readings anomalous in Co, Ni, Cu and Ag • Drill hole to test AMT...