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    Amibroker: Problem simulating a portfolio of strategies

    Dear All, I am trying to simulate a portfolio of strategies in Amibroker. I have 4 strategies, which I run and then save their EQUITY curves by using the following code at the end of each script SetCustomBacktestProc(""); if( Status("action") == actionPortfolio ) { bo =...
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    Amibroker Question: Delay buying signal until second condition is verified

    Dear All, I am trying to implement a simple logic: 1) Find a bar for which MA(C,5) crosses above MA(C,15) 2) From that bar, wait until MA(RSI(),5) crosses above MA(C,15) 3) If 2) happens within 10 bars, then execute a buy otherwise skip I wrote the following AFL code: Crossma =...
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    Amibroker Question: Equity Curve Trading Technique

    Dear All, I have been paying around with the idea of implementing a simple equity curve trading technique, in order to establish which of my systems is more syncronized with the market I am trading. Basically I would like to switch on/off a system, based on the equity curve crossing below or...
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    Amibroker Question: Buy 5 days after Buy Signal if price is higher

    Hi guys, I am new to Amibroker, so pardon me if this question is stupid :) I would like to implement a system which enter long in a stock 5 days after a simple moving average cross-over only if the closing price that day is higher than the closing price of the day of the cross-over. I...