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    95th Tour de France - Australia's year!

    Re: Tour de France Cadel now wearing the Maillot Jaune Watch Cadel pulling on the Yellow Jersey here: Thought Cadel struggled slightly today, maybe feeling the effects of his crash...
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    Using a Video camera as a webcam

    Barney, The current stock of video cameras are not suitable to use as webcams as they don't stream the video, unless you go to a lot of hassle of buying a firewire card, cables and downloading software. If you want to go down this path buy a SONY DCR-HC21 thru DCR-HC40 off ebay (cost will...
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    Ricky Ponting should be sacked

    Breaking news. India has suspended it's Tour of Australia pending the outcome of the appeal against Singh. I say sorry if you don't like decision, go home Geez theese guys have short term memory problems. They gave us heaps in 2001 with some shocking decisions of our tour of the...
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    Gold Price - Where is it heading?

    Spot Gold closes at $806. Nymex futures contract closed at $808.50 Aussie Gold shares on monday should have another surge, likes of NCM, LGL, DOM. Cheers
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    ZFX - Zinifex Limited

    Vishalt, This is surplus the market is talking about.... ILZSG forecasts zinc market to shift to surplus next year Metals Insider - 2007-10-09 The International Lead and Zinc Study Group (ILZSG) said it expects the global refined zinc market to record a supply-demand deficit of...
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    OXR - Oxiana Limited

    ZFX will NOT be buying OXR. And OXR will not be able to take out ZFX either. Talks had been held, but as reported in the AFR some 3-4 weeks ago, the merger talks fell apart as OXR demand more from ZFX than ZFX was willing to give up. That was the $200M that ZFX had spent building a position...
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    Metastock Problem

    If you know how to use regedit, check this might not be changing as you think. You can also check your open settings here.... HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Equis\MetaStock 8.0\FileOpenOptions Cheers
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    PDN - Paladin Energy

    Re: PDN - Paladin Resources Ok, many thanks, it is what I expected. Yes, the downward pressure on prices seems to be increasing. This may put furthur pressure on PDN.
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    PDN - Paladin Energy

    Re: PDN - Paladin Resources Rostov, Can you please site a source for USD$110, as i'm looking at UXC & kitcometals and they are showing USD$120 ??? TIA
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    What are your favourite lyrics or songlines?

    One of my favourites songs. This is a live version from Melbourne. Whilst not at the Melbourne concert, I went to the Adelaide concert and even after so many years, they are still amazing. swPWZDoFPXI "HC", was voted number 49 on the list "Greatest Songs of all Time" by RS and won the...
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    Vote for ASF!

    Joe, Here, it says... "more than 6000 members" like how old is that. I think u should email them and ask that they bring their site upto date with the correct member numbers for ASF.......10436 and counting :D Regards Muzz PS...We are...
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    What are your favourite lyrics or songlines?

    Phil Collins one of my all-time favorite artists....not only a great song, but a great message to the world.... ftlYLcEW_I4
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    What are your favourite lyrics or songlines?

    One of my fav. songs. The voice of Sarah Brightman, the original Christine Cheers Muzz AgTV7rmrYlQ
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    Vote for ASF!

    Well Done to ASF and especially Joe I hope it is Snack!!! No common Joe, remember to share amongst the kiddies... How can the other site have more votes!!!! Common ASF'ers ..and Joe, I'm just happy with just a few small squares off the below....yummie!!!! Cheers Muzz
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    Jim Cramer Spits the Dummy

    Erin is a real hottie....but what the heck was she wearing....something left over from the Fred Flintstone wardrobe it looked like....!!!!