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    TIE - Tietto Minerals

    Also a bit unusual is if we ignore the 30mil cross the nearly 7 million volume is nearly 3 times the average of the last 20 days. Could be something brewing.
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    TIE - Tietto Minerals

    @peter2 it was all very quiet until the cross trade of 30 million shares at $0.50 at 14:48 and the activity increased from there.
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    The official "ASX is tanking!" panic thread

    The rebounding was minimalist. Wall Street drops back to lowest since 2020 as fear returns
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    CGS - Cogstate Limited

    A bit of oddness here this morning. Price up 51%, a halt, resumption and then pause all with no explanation other than the pause is pending an announcement. Somebody had the information. Headline M Vendor Time Date Pause in Trading • CXAN 10:34:00 28-Sep-22 Pause in Trading • 10:33:56...
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    DUN - Dundas Minerals

    Can't believe I misread it during yesterday. Picked the breakout, bought at the right time at open, then got the momentum wrong, sold too early and left heaps on the table. Bought in at open again and momentum slowing down for sure now so out now at 64. Let's see if I read it correctly this time.
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    Buying the Dip on ASX

    Ditto as well. Being an old fart, I have enough investment stocks, many bought from up to 4 decades ago giving me the dividend income, so these days I play. I have seen quite a few downturns and treat them as stock picking time, ignoring where the market is going until I am happy that the...
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    DUN - Dundas Minerals

    No wonder the directors were buying. Pre-open stack looked promising, so in at open and now out at a bit over 32. Momentum appears to be waning.
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    DUN - Dundas Minerals

    Directors been buying and starting to look like one of my setups. Could be interested if it closes above 22
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    Electric cars?

    Interesting, @JohnDe, but I wonder how accurate a couple of the figures are. There are 45 countries listed and if we rank them from 1 lowest cost to 45 the highest cost, then NZ is supposedly the highest at 12 times higher than Australia. That doesn’t seem to pass the pub test. We come in at 11...
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    Electric cars?

    I doubt the labour costs are a significant input these days. The 19 metre long, 18-wheeled, 38-tonne heavy-duty fully electric truck, the Volvo FH, takes only six hours to go through the Volvo production line from initial frames to completion. Interesting article "First drive of Volvo’s heavy...
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    Two-way block

    What he said, same.
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    Two-way block

    I did have a couple of members on block but on reflection, I unblocked them. There are some non-investment topics such as Covid and politics where there can be no discussion with some people, only “I’m right – you’re wrong” argument or the conspiracy theorists having a soapbox from which to yell...
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    Rugby League

    There may not be many tickets available for non-club members and the public will have some difficulty obtaining tickets. The club membership stands at a bit over 20,000. The stadium holds 25,000. Full members have priority to 8 tickets before they go on sale to the public. I don’t know how many...
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    RFX - Redflow Limited

    Redflow to partner with university on extending flow battery capabilities Brisbane based battery manufacturer Redflow has announced it will collaborate with the University of Queensland (UQ) in a research project designed to extend the operational ability of the company’s zinc bromine flow...
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    FFI - Fortescue Future Industries

    Fortescue says first 2GW electrolyser factory will be too small, plans more The new head of Fortescue Future Industries, Mark Hutchinson, says the company’s first hydrogen electrolyser factory, due to come on line in early 2023, will be too small to meet the company’s hydrogen ambitions, are...