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    Best way to boil a Bumnut

    Yes...we have a winner. Eggs at room temp, not fridge Salt added now put eggs in before water too boily... Haven't had a cracked or mutant shell yet so great not to have white foamy stuff to clean off hotplate... Oh joy is me :band Thanks again team...
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    August Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    SRR this round, thanks Joe
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    Tsunami Threat Run

    "Neighbouring paddock", do you mean the North island...Lol
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    July Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    EXM for me thanks Joe
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    ASF joke thread

    Stephen Kings new horror story... Flu from the piglets
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    Is Medicare finished?

    If the Medicare system goes, so should the medicare levy and surcharge at end of each tax year that you have to pay for, that will be a fair load of cash gone for the govt? Can't pay for something you don't get? Probably get a charge for some other govt thing, I dunno...
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    Rant Thread

    Sticky situation that is, just can't open the window now can we - just yell out "who farted" see the reactions... :D :eek:
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    Thought for the day

    Mans best friend used to be the Dog... Now it's the Microwave
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    Best way to boil a Bumnut

    Cold water, there's one problem I have in the Pilbara, getting cold water unless you can use fridge water... Can't get fresher Bumnuts than you folks get - straight out, straight in Patience is not my virtue here, tiny hole - thats where my brain sits, in it Ah, cold eggs to hot - this...
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    Funny YouTube videos

    So is this where the saying... "Put a sock in it" comes from...
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    Best way to boil a Bumnut

    Egg - looks like a nut, comes from a chooks bum...Lol Also known as a "Cackleberry" they mostly crack when I boil em!
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    Best way to boil a Bumnut

    Okay, I can do it, but I get all messed up with them cracking and spilling their innards onto the hotplate. Don't want to use vinegar either ( smelly stuff ) I've checked the usual places on the net and seen some different ways to do it... Just wondering if members have an easier way...
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    Funny YouTube videos

    HA HA HA you have to be kidding me! - do we know who it is - Lol
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    June Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    FMG for me - Thanks Joe
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    RLK - Rolek Resources

    Re: SRR - Shaw River Resources Had a look... pretty intresting, lets hope your right about it being on their ground, amazing what you find out there...