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    KAR - Karoon Energy

    Nero, KAR ain't no AED. It's not some one trick pony like AED was and has a major oiler spreading the word about the size of the Poseidon discovery. Furthermore, these guys have some top self acreage next door to WPL's giant Torosa along with the Brazilian assets where Petrobras have just...
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    FMG - Fortescue Metals

    Ok this is the trade. FMG rallying on the back of BHP/RIO JV being forced to open rail way to 3rd party. If they do - FMG can increase production and ship more ore per annum therefore increase the valuation of the company which China could potentially takeover at some stage.
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    GRY - Gryphon Minerals

    Sorry forgot to post the chart. Expecting some positive drilling results soon. They have quite a bit of land to drill. Strike lenths could be massive hence the interest from the likes of big insto's and major goldies.
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    GRY - Gryphon Minerals

    Sydney is right. Looking a bit shakey taking into account the turn on the daily MACD. However, the daily chart stochastic might give it a short term bounce when one takes note of todays inverted hammer. Might be in the process of forming a pennant pending consolidation...
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    Million Dollar Traders

    The keys to successful trading. Taking a loss. You pay for the privilege, bought too high, bought on the way down. Regardless of what you did wrong, figure out what it was and don't make the same mistake again. Patience. Timing. Never chase a trade. PLAN - Know your stock charts...
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    Etrade, down again?

    I can't place an order for some reason, what the hell is going on!
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    GRY - Gryphon Minerals

    Here's a chart. 20 week ema has crossed the 50 ema. I would expect it to either consolidate are here for a while or make a break of 36c resistance
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    GRY - Gryphon Minerals

    Heavy Resistance at 34 and 36c. Needs to break it. The 200 SMA on the weekly should hold it from going down. Next stop 44c. Ride the wave until the bend at the end.
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    Flags and Pennants

    ASL potential upside breakout out of the pennant to compete an inverted head and shoulder pattern.:)
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    Kevin Rudd

    Re: Does Rudd inspire confidence? K Rudd inspires me to quit my job and join the dole. :banghead:
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    Astrostuff ... Gann from a different angle ...

    Many thanks Paul. All the best to you also. regards, DC
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    Astrostuff ... Gann from a different angle ...

    Hi Paul, Have been following your astrostuff alerts and I find it quite facinating as I am purely a MA/trend based trader. If you would be so kind, could you kindly provide me with an astro stuff analysis on BLY if you have a moment? Many thanks and regards, DC :)
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    CNX - Carbon Energy

    LOL Indeed it was one hell of a falling knife but was supremely confident CNX would come back after the Australian article sold a few dud stocks to get them, opportunity of the year really stating to pay off now and more to come once the trial is producing syngas. Holding 300k at an avg of...
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    ERH - Eromanga Hydrocarbons

    Hmm Buffett Jr, didn't your dad invest in PetroChina not so long ago? :) No oil companies hey LOL.
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    AQD - Ausquest Limited

    Well the last hole wasn't a dud, and the magnetic image hasn't helped investors or management. That said they are starting to get a better idea as to the geology at Table Hill. The next few holes should be much more promising. TH is a big target, you didn't think it would be that easy did you?