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    ASF Members - Where Are They Now?

    A shout out to the infamous condog My apologies if this is an incorrect place to put this message but I would really like to contact this guy - his message inbox is full. :( So condog if you are out there (or if anyone else has his email?).. Long time.... you probably don't remember me...
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    MCE - Matrix Composites & Engineering

    I find this funny... not that RogerM had to stick with this stock but for one me PROMOTED so much on the media he only has 1% in MCE from his portfolio. Funny to see all the lemming buy this one and watch it dive.... what a con-job. Anyways best of luck to the sheep who bought in, hope you guys...
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    BHP - BHP Group

    If I didn't buy a house a few weeks ago I would be all over these.... however thanks to AUT I had a massive deposit. :) However, any awesome opportunity for any stock at the moment and BHP is no exception!
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    Is Gold the right choice?

    I agree with the above... Gold while is safe when this type of scenario is going on seems really really high... personally I believe oil is a bit underdone at the moment and maybe going long on oil shortly would be a good thing... this is obviously tied closely with the US. However, OPEC has a...
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    AUT - Aurora Oil and Gas

    Don't personally believe in technical stuff and past share prices all too much. I see AUT possibly trending upwards once the debt ceiling has been lifted etc... it is holding a lot of things back unfortunately.
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    SEA - Sundance Energy Australia

    Woah... SEA forum got quiet :S. Well seems the old ceo/director.. whoever it was now has dumped a lot of shares and we are on the trend upwards.. another good dev report came out yesterday and shows a lot of wells awaiting frac and a few drilling. Some nice flows in there but pretty standard. I...
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    What's happening to the ASX lately?

    In the short term 1-2 years I see the asx lose ground therefore cash is far better and then dumping it all back into assets when you feel better about the market trend would be a smart idea - in saying that this is just my little opinion.
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    AUT - Aurora Oil and Gas

    While not AUT specific but this is very interesting.... BHP has bought Petrohawk..
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    What's happening to the ASX lately?

    Currently typing out a QSuper investment switch to cash. I see the DOWJ bailing big time and YES the ASX will follow on sentiment alone. The world cannot just keeping printing money and hoping this will all go away. We need this depression, the US needs it. I see it as a WHEN not IF scenario...
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    AUT - Aurora Oil and Gas

    As you guys probably know. Euroz has a new target of $5.29 after their latest field trip to the year... some people have quoted a $8 AUT stock price if oil stays and the US doesn't dive... cheers. Read here...
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    AUT - Aurora Oil and Gas

    He didn't release much oil at all, very tiny amount vs what is actually being produced... I see the nymex oil bounced back...
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    TLS - Telstra Corporation

    Well, wasn't I wrong about the latest movement.... sellers are very fickle. I'll still hold and buy buy is it does into the low $2.8 to get in for that divy again and also the ever stronger customer base. :)
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    TLS - Telstra Corporation

    Hey guys... and TLS holders.. I have read a few articles today ( and that seem to suggest a NBN deal will be out as soon as this week and possibly tomorrow. Should be a big week for the holders... I'm looking at offloading around 50% of my holding if the price jumps to...
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    AUT - Aurora Oil and Gas Found this general information article about the EFS on HC forums. A nice read for those that aren't too familiar.
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    SSN - Samson Oil & Gas

    The only stock I hold that went up today... Not sure why though. Anyone got ideas???