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    DRX - Diatreme Resources

    This popped up as a 52 week high looks all blue sky.
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    LNR - Lanthanein Resources

    After the credit raising of $1.75mil a bit more will pop into the till for LNR (formerly FNT). Lanthanein Resources Limited (Lanthanein or the Company) refers to the agreement signed with PNG based Lole Mining Limited (Lole Mining) for the sale of its wholly owned subsidiary Frontier Copper PNG...
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    LNR - Lanthanein Resources

    It seems the nearness to already recognised projects is driving the share price increase after LNR released a presentation yesterday. Or is it just a pump and dump? I hope not as my thoughts were after looking at this previously it could one hell of a project.
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    LNR - Lanthanein Resources

    LNR have a credit raising at 1.4cents, raised about $1.75mil, went into trading halt Monday morning did I bitch about it yes. Today it’s up about 23% and trading at 2.1cents unbelievable, I might get back to break even. However will hold till they finish drilling and announce assay results...
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    OBM - Ora Banda Mining

    I bailed out of this a long while ago very disappointing.
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    GAL - Galileo Mining

    It’s been sold off not in huge volumes more it’s no buyers at the moment in this segment of the market. Looking at a chart it’s hard to pinpoint some support. Hopeful of seeing some support at current level. The selling from almost two dollars to a $1.08 on the chart looks totally oversold. It...
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    August 2022 Stock Competition Entry Thread!

    Will take GAL please Joe.
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    Tipping Competition for Full CY 2022

    I have four seriously in the red. I bought them for a reason and will continue to hold. Hopefully next year they are seriously in the black.
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    LNR - Lanthanein Resources

    Today was such a dreary dismal day and I was quite bored so I bought so more FNT or whatever it’s called these days. It must be German for landmine and getting ready to explode. No it dropped to $0.016
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    CR9 - Corella Resources

    Well at least I had something green today CR9 up 12% on announcement.
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    Buying ASX Stocks on Friday in a Bear Market

    I have not sold a thing, hanging on to all I hold. It’s tempting to sell a couple tomorrow for a tax loss and buy back Friday or maybe next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
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    RTR - Rumble Resources

    Five waves down in a nasty channel, looking for 34/35cents the first challenge, hopefully back in the fifties. With markets maybe stabilising I can only see this going up based on what it has and future other discoveries. Only I have been wrong a few times. Adding more at 20 cents did not...
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    July 2022 Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    CR9 please Joe, already posted in thread.
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    CR9 - Corella Resources

    This company has no respect for the Aussiestockforums monthly tipping competition. They are currently in a trading halt with an announcement due to market to be delivered Thursday 30th June. It’s been a long wait for the results of testing, due a few months ago. Hopefully their future produce is...
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    RTR - Rumble Resources

    I have been holding some RTR for a couple years now. It’s time to add some more, if it drops to 20cents a good slice of it, even today it’s good value. Might be tempted tomorrow.