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    Asylum immigrants - Green Light

    When I started this thread almost 11 years ago I used these words in my post : '' The cost will be immense both monetary & socially. '' Wish I could have picked the markets with that Accuracy ! :( Bobby .
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    Warnings from the past

    Hi all , I've been away from the forum for some years but like the fact this place has the guts to allow freedom of post subjects . I started this thread back in 2009 , so pissed-off when looking at what's happened since .
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    Israel in the Gaza Strip

    Yep its rederob ' what a nightmare !~:eek: Some extras = works as a public servant , has short stature with dark to medium skin tone , nature wasn't kind to his facial features it seems . For any newer members information ( wayneL ) is the Man !!
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    SELL EVERYTHING!!! says Dow Theorist

    Hello Kennas, I don't post much on this site anymore but have to agree with you on the above . I'm legally doing whats possible for that coming nightmare scenario , just hope we are wrong hey ! Hope your covered ? Bob.
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    Rudd Government failings vs. achievements

    Great last post Julia , still shaking my head !! Cheers Bob.
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    Schapelle Corby - Innocent or Guilty?

    This Aussie has suffered enough , lets just bring her home . Bob.
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    Another boatload of asylum seekers intercepted by Navy

    Yep' its a pathetic back/hander to our own needy Aussie poor. :frown: Like to say more without getting more infractions . Bob.
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    New 1 point spread on CFDs?

    Having done thousands of trades with ~ IG's Aussie 200 & their 2 point commission on entry & exit ' now IG now offer 1 point ! Guess its caused by competition or is it , correct me if wrong thanks ? :confused: Cheers Bobby..
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    Does God Exist? [Arguments & Proofs]

    Love your challenge duc , unfortunately the believers don't want to participate so far , one wonders why :rolleyes: ?
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    Is there a GOD?

    Well spotted Julia , old bullmarket seems to never give up :) Cheers Bob.
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    The Five Commandments of Aussie Stock Forums

    What is ASFs ABN ( Australian Business Number ) ? Or legal entity name as registered with the Australian Business Register or Australian Tax Office . Take Care Bobby.
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    The Five Commandments of Aussie Stock Forums

    How about posting infraction information , what does a 5 point one mean ? Take Care . Bobby.
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    Islam and Australia

    Hello Mr J , What do you think of this context ? :eek: Koran 9:29 “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.” Koran 2:191 “Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.” Koran 9:123 “When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.” Koran 9:5...
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    Islam and Australia

    GG there is only mild disagreements at this stage , this thread is very pertinent in todays climate , I'm sure many are interested . Have an early beer on me :D
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    Islam and Australia

    I'd be interested to hear opinions on that verse in the Koran that says ~ "Kill the infidels where ever you find them " I'm an infidel who eats bacon & drinks beer : :pcorn: