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    Trading USD futures with AUD cash

    Got a cash account (not margin account) in IB. Can't trade forex to convert AUD to USD (ASIC regulation) Can I trade USD futures backing them with AUD cash ? cheers
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    AUD/USD futures

    Hi I got all my money in USD and trade USD-based instruments in the US, using IB as platform (being an australian tax resident). Now, I want to trade AUD.USD futures, or any other Fx pair for that matter, but IB informs me about changes in regulation that Fx are no longer tradable for...
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    Trading in US with IB - tax in AUS?

    Hi I just opened an account with IB to trade US stocks, AUD as base currency... Can anybody please explain to me tax responsibilities ? If I keep the money in my IB account (USD), do I still need to declare gains in my AUS tax return ? or only when I move it back to AUS currency is it...
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    Trailing sell orders

    Hi there I have a question with regards to conditional orders....i have found nowhere a clear explanation as to what is the timeframe used in comparing share prices to trigger and execute the orders in bank share trading platforms for retail investors. For example...if i set a trailing sell...
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    Tax statement for tax return

    Hi I'm going to do the tax return myself Is there any way to get a consolidated summary of dividends and CGT of all my holdings during the financial year. I have received a couple of letters in the mail from individual holdings, but not all...i cannot find any consolidated statement under my...
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    Margin loan under my wife's name - help

    Yeah...that's why I invested 150k of my savings and wanted to take a marign loan Yes...guilty...want to understand as much as possible in all fronts Is this funny ? Am i supposed to laugh ? It seems that the joker is you after all Wow ! What a statement ! Not only an expert trader, but...
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    Margin loan under my wife's name - help

    Used to be and adrenaline addict in my younger years (parachuting, motorbiking and other sports, and all sorts of weird adventures in m world travelling). I guess the riskier decision i ever made was to leave my safe job, friends and country behind and come to the other half of the world to try...
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    Margin loan under my wife's name - help

    hey...thanks...that's clear advice...i would have thought that that was the way to go...what's the approach then that I should stick to ? Any name for that approach, system, techqnique ? Any links, books, authors you would recommend ? It seems that reading "everything" out there has created a...
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    Margin loan under my wife's name - help

    Yes, I have been bothered. There's an overload of info out there, and sometimes it's confusing for a novice. I had read a lot of diversification and tactical asset allocation and that is the strategy I had decided to adopt. Open to change and adopt better techniques once I understand an...
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    Margin loan under my wife's name - help

    I know....I don't get excited with short term results and fluctuarions within a volatility envelope...I'm here for the long run's a learning experience....advice towards knowing better is useful All of what I said is rubbish ? If not, can you specify what specific elements...
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    Margin loan under my wife's name - help

    Ok. This is the thing. I decided two months ago to invest 150k in stocks..why ? well, you know the story: we may have hit bottom, consumer sentiment is slowly returning, the worst has happened in europe, some postive signals in the states, china keeps growing strong (though constrained growth)...
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    Margin loan under my wife's name - help

    Appreciate the advice, but I feel a bit insulted...can you please expand ? There's a starting point in every did you get into your first margin loan ? I could use your advice.
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    Margin loan under my wife's name - help

    Thanks everyone for the replies. Well, it can't be risk free, can it ? but am confident that my portfolio will perform good over the coming time, so I wanna leverage and make money with lender's money.....haven't used margin loan before, but it suits my risk/reward profile and have done the...
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    Margin loan under my wife's name - help

    Hi I got all my stock holding under my wife's name...for tax purposes obviously (she has no salary, so just income from dividends). I wanna take a margin loan and keep investing under her name, but now gearing 50%....I can service the loan easily with my salary, but if I take the loan under my...
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    Tactical asset allocation and portfolio rebalancing software?

    Hi I there any good free piece of software to build and manage my asset portfolio and rebalance it regularly ? Maybe an iPAD app or even an excel spreasheet ?