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    BUY - Bounty Oil

    Hi pcr Abit disappointed that it couldn't close in green today. Alot of sellers hitting it hard. Yeh you are right about the news on spud aint gonna do much to share price. I guess people want the OIL success news then we will get some serious movement in sp. I seen how BUY moves with any...
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    BUY - Bounty Oil

    The spud begins tomorrow at Wakefield prospect. Shock to see few sellers came in the last hour and pushed the share price down to .125. Will be very interesting day tomorrow. Just hoping for the day traders to come in like bunch of bulls gone MAD :D
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    OEL - Otto Energy

    Does anyone hold this? Any idea whats going on with OEL? Looks like this is only going down everyday :(
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    How do I buy shares in a capital raising?

    Re: How to buy shares when capital raising Thanks heaps nunthewiser. One more question how long would it take get the application when the company announce the cap raising? I heard only first few lucky orders can be eligible discounted shares. Is that correct?
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    How do I buy shares in a capital raising?

    Hey guys I'm new here and haven't been trading for long just starting to learn. I would like to know how can I buy shares in a company when they do cap raising. What I mean is buying the shares at discounted price? Do I just place the order or I need to contact my broker or the company...
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    IGR - Integra Mining

    hey guys does anyone have any advice/opinion on this stock been watching this closely for couple of weeks will this be good for medium term? I did abit of search of my own and found few interesting plan this company has in the future #They currently have 23.5 million cash in...
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    NGF - Norton Gold Fields

    looks like not many people holding this??? Anyone have any news or opinion about this stock would be great
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    NGF - Norton Gold Fields

    Hey guys any updates on this? Does anyone hold this? I have a small amount of this for awhile now. Tips and opinion would be great. Cheers guys hope I'm not the only one holding this in forum :D
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    GDN - Golden State Resources

    hey guys i'm new to this forum and i got a small amount of this stock Just hoping there will be a good ann tomorrow