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    Super and Physical metals

    I've only got about 50k or so in my super, which i manage thru one of the industry funds am up some 20% this year alone dew to some moves i have made.. however i want to pull out my money and invest it on only physical metals. is this possible to do with the amount i have or is it not worth...
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    EKA - Eureka Energy

    Whats with the late move again today? nice to check out portfolio at end of day to notice 20% gain in eka..
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    CNP - Centro Properties Group

    if you like a gamble give it a shot, but i wouldnt hold your breath..
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    CNP - Centro Properties Group

    Errrr. you thinking about the right company buddy?
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    HOG - Hawkley Oil and Gas

    Price sensitive announcement to come out (put in place by the company).. about reserves report.. can go either way! but you'd think its positive news!
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    TXN - Texon Petroleum

    30 & 60 day rates will get me excited, going from previous reports from texon, however.. things are looking alot better this time.. probably should have highlighted that the fraccing of the 4th is pushed forward too :)
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    COH - Cochlear Limited

    I bought in with a small parcel today too, why the hell not huh. there's value in today for sure.. Debt free recently also..
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    September Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    A little bit of EKA thanks Joe..
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    NST - Northern Star Resources

    Yeah mate its well worth the read, the management is doing a fantastic job. ticks just about all the boxes.
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    NST - Northern Star Resources

    they were around the $700 mark for cash costs. and i think will easily see over the 100k peryear make soon. quiet rapid growth with this company..
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    EKA - Eureka Energy

    just thought i'd track the report down and post the image as the text got warped from the guys post above.. cheers for the info however!
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    EKA - Eureka Energy

    Was so glad to see it in a halt this morning, but also since the markets recovered somewhat am a little peevedd.. why would they have gone into a halt over 1 well?? is it producing yet? i thought it was already announced in the previous quarterly, tho my minds all over the shop at the...
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    August Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    EKA for me thanks joe!! Cheers