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    NWH - NRW Holdings

    Bought into this one in 2014 at $1.11 and then as newby investor i chased a falling knife all the way down and then bought heaps of them cheap at $0.056 with some lazy cash i was prepared to loose. At one stage i had 45000 but have sold some off on the way back up but still hold 29000. May be...
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    PRN - Perenti Global

    Re: ASL - Ausdrill Thanks Boggo, held some at 83.5c from early 2014 but picked up a reasonable chunk at 29.5c jul/aug last year. Overall hold is 41.4c Will watch where it goes with interest
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    PRN - Perenti Global

    Re: ASL - Ausdrill That would be great and much appreciated
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    PRN - Perenti Global

    Re: ASL - Ausdrill anyone with any ideas why ASL is jumping up in price so much, about 30% in the last 5 trading days to 69.5 cents at close of trade today noticed in their shareholder section that FMR LLC and the entities have increased their stake from 6% to near 10% up until the 16/5
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    EPX - Ethane Pipeline Income Fund

    takeover bid by APA, second time i will have had shares in a gas pipeline company taken over by them, last time it was Envestra
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    FWD - Fleetwood Limited

    On 22/7/15 shares in Fleetwood Corporation surged after the company announced it would had secured $62.2 million from the sale of its Osprey Key Worker Village in Port Hedland and would use the funds to pay off company debt...
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    Robusta fundamental, leveraged investments

    sorry to hear robusta and fully understand, got made redundant myself with 75 others 5 days ago but have known since October. Totally unexpected back then to us all. My initial reaction was to sell of 15k of shares and pay off a debt, but then got over the shock and panic and knuckled down...
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    BYL - Brierty Limited

    nice Diversified contractor Brierty Limited (ASX: BYL) is pleased to announce its Board of Directors has declared a fully franked Special Dividend of 8.0 cents per share. The Brierty Board has resolved to raise up to $8.25 million by way of a special Placement to institutional...
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    GOZ - Growthpoint Properties Australia

    thanks to both responders.
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    GOZ - Growthpoint Properties Australia

    Have owned some of these for over 18 months now and happy with the return, as Coolcup noted have decided twice in that period to dip into my pocket when they came back for equity funded acquisitions. Unit price has jumped 5-10% in last few months. Any obvious reason why or just the sector...
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    A-REIT valuation model

    I fully agree with your statements here, thanks to nulla nulla it helps me track the sector a bit easier and i have added this thread to my quick links tab. Started investing for my low income wifes long term portfolio about 20 months ago and AREITS now hold 15-20% of that portfolio including 3...
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    ENV - Envestra

    Cheung Kong Group won a contest to buy Envestra Ltd. (ENV), after a rival bidder for the Australian gas distributor said it would sell its shares in support of the A$2.4 billion ($2.2 billion) bid. APA Group, which owns about a third of Envestra, will support the offer of A$1.32 a share from...
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    PAC - Pacific Current Group

    Re: TRG - Treasury Group bought a chunk of these in May 2013 for $6.34 per share to go into my low income wifes portfolio, and happy so far with the return at better than 10% on investment just in dividend and FCredits alone. No dilution with tax as she does not earn enough yet but her...
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    Tax question on Telecom NZ (TEL) dividends

    can any one give me an idea on where and what to enter in etax the details for my wifes dividends for telecom NZ shares. would be a shame to have to see a tax agent or accountant just for 1 share holding. she has a reasonable portfolio of shares most of which i have no trouble with come tax...
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    My Investment Journey

    looks like your portfolio has received a boost today KTP after BYL updated the market on its position, nice jump in share price and hopefully a rise in dividend and guidance to go with it when they announce their results in august