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(i) consider consulting a licensed adviser (ASIC’s website at has a list of licensed advisers); and
(ii) visit ASIC’s consumer website at for general guidance about investing.

People making posts are individually responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of their posts.

Because of the nature of the internet, it may be hard to identify or locate the person making a post. The person may also be in an overseas jurisdiction, so it may be hard to take any legal action against them.

You will have no access to ASIC-approved dispute resolution schemes to recover any losses you may suffer by relying on the posts. Securities cannot be offered to you for sale or issue through posts on Aussie Stock Forums.

It is advisable that you alert the management of Aussie Stock Forums (using the website Contact Us link or 'Report a Post' function) or the ASIC Infoline on 1300 300 630 if you have good reason to suspect that any posts are inaccurate, are based on inside information, or are likely to mislead or deceive people who view or use the posts.

To Those Posting Content on Aussie Stock Forums

You are personally responsible for your posts (including any alterations you make to posts). Therefore, you should not include any misleading or deceptive information in your posts and not carry out illegal or unauthorised activities using Aussie Stock Forums. Information in posts may, where appropriate, be made available to ASIC. ASIC and people acting on such information may take action against you.

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If the management of Aussie Stock Forums finds or reasonably suspects that you are making illegal or unauthorised posts, your right to make posts will be withdrawn.