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    Thumbs up The best things in life are free

    Ever stumbled across a freebie on the web, or in the real world. Or, a bargain too good to refuse?. Post your finds here for the rest of us .

    Must be genuinely free ie without strings or requiring a purchase of another product to get a 'free' product or bargain.
    Humanity is just a discretionary ponzi scheme

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    Default Re: The best things in life are free

    "...but you can give them to the birds and bees. Money—that’s what I want."

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    I believe the Salvation Army runs a free soup kitchen near Central, and Mission Beat still have free hot coffee vans that run around the city in the wee small hours.

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    Plenty of free advice on these forums. I have a sign that says "I'm free please take me". If I have some junk I want to get rid of I put it at the front gate with the sign and away it goes. I've been waiting for someone to take the sign (it does say take me) but it stays behind.

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    Walking on the beach at sun rise and dusk.
    Laying in a park under autumn trees on a sunny day.
    Love. (debatable about the cost)
    Playing chess with my brother. (his board)

    However, I tend to agree with the doctor....

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    Default Re: The best things in life are free - LOVE!

    Share the Love



    Nice... the idea has spread worldwide...


    Making a difference...

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    The unexpected delight of someone doing you a kindness which brought them no benefit apart from your appreciation and surprise.

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    Nice Thread Uncle!

    When you think about it,we have all been gifted with life

    That is the best freebie anyone will ever get!

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    .....bananas and cream , or walking barefoot through dry sand
    or as i reflect on some childheld dream
    ....... or dream how I held my child's hand.


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