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    Thought this might be a blast for those who have been renovating or doing some maintenance on there properties to share some stories of 'tradies' who have caused some grief.

    I'm renovating a recent purchase ATM and although I have done most of the work myself I am running out of time and simply want to get it finished.
    So I got in a ceiling fixer to do the gyprock and cornice work. The house is a gut job so all the ceilings are being replaced. After many a quote I finally decided on a particular gyprocker (mainly cause he was the only one I didn't have to wait months for.........and I soon found out the reason for that).
    His day rate was $500 a day, not too bad I thought and I could keep an eye on him whilst I was doing some decking out the back.

    On his first day he rocked up at 8.00am, promptly asked if there was a dunny on site (no there wasn't) so he buzzed off to the servo to take a dump and returned 45 mins later (servo is only 5 mins away). He then proceeds to mark & hang a few sheets (me holding them up).

    The whole time he's huffing and puffing like its an effort to even rock up to work. After this I go back to doing my decking. When I come back in an hour later it looks like he's done bugger all more but a couple of mitres for the cornice. To cut a long story short in the whole day this joker did about 2 hours of work, came back from lunch half tanked and walked around most of the day interrupting me and my mate who were actually doing some work.

    Needless too say he still expected his 500 hundred bucks at knock off, chronic!. Told him to not bother coming back though............never got another tradie on a day rate either as well.

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    (1) Get References and get 3 as they will only give you the happy ones.

    (2) Find people through trade referals.

    (3) Never ever pay more than 10% up front(Thats law) and materials ON SITE.

    (4) Give them a work shedule.ie kitchen/lounge by thursday.

    (5) Offer a bonus for on time and on budget.2.5% is normal (Materials and labour)

    (6) If they are doing really well the odd carton at days END doesnt go astray.
    Have a beer with them.

    (7) CHECK LICIENCES---no licience no start.Check consumer affairs for complaints and compliance.

    (8) Try bigger companies they are bigger because they are good at what they do and run a business.Staff are answerable to the boss.

    (9) Get a guarentee in writing---from big companies---from small fry it wont be worth the paper its written on!

    (10) DO NOT PAY for inferior work regardless of the Threats,pay upon completion,sign contracts on YOUR terms add them in if you dont have what you want in there! Be very clear on payment terms and STICK to the contract.

    I could start a thread on horror client stories!

    We are 12 weeks forward booked,we arent the cheapest in fact we are the most expensive in our field.
    Clients are treated like the boss from quote (Proposal) to completion and bottle of champers and movie tickets.(Gold passes) We are high ticket items.
    $20 - $50k for domestic clients.

    Small works are a real pain for larger companies try and find specialist maintenance companies who are set up to cater for the small field.
    When you get your quotes choose between the 2 closest in price anything more than 15% higher or lower than the 2 closest have errors---either in pricing or quality.

    Just a few hints from a "Tradie"

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    Agreed with tech.

    Also make sure you understand the relationship between time and cost for this sort of work and make sure anyone giving quotes knows exactly what you want in this regard.

    Most things can be made to happen more quickly if that is what the customer wants - but often that increases the cost. Most tradies will assume they're competing primarily or exclusively on price so won't quote for the fastest possible completion if doing so increases the cost.

    For example, paid overtime for workers, air freighting things that could otherwise be sent by road, use of extra sub-contractors, tradies end up doing things that labourers could do if there was more time and so on. All get the job done more quickly - at a price.

    At the extreme I know of one job where an aeroplane, by which I mean a commercial airline, was chartered to bring just one part from Melbourne to Hobart because that was quicker than waiting for the next scheduled flight. And the plane really did fly with nothing on board but this one part. Presumably it made sense under the circumstances but that's an extreme example of how anything can be done - if someone is willing to pay enough.

    Whilst you're unlikely to be flying sheets of Gyprock between states, the same principle applies. Know exactly what you want in terms of price / time and make sure they know it too before they quote.

    You need both price and completion date in any contract.

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    I don't know if it is practical to ban mobile phones on work sites but it would help. Lately when I have had tradesmen on site they seem to spend a good percentage of their (my) time answering calls. I recently had a concretor spend 15 mins on the phone, quoting for another job while 2 offsiders and a ready mix waited for him. The plumber, the one on $75 per hour, spends as much time on his phone as he does on the job. A cabinet maker left the job for quite awhile because his wife wanted plants picked up from a nursery. Later she rang and got him to pick up his kids from school. Doesn't do my blood pressure any good.

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    Doesn't a quote and agreement for the job work? Lets say "I want this done and that done to this standard and we agree $1000." I pay you deposit now and sum when you finish. Incentive for tradie to keep off phone AND throne!

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    Check out this legend!!
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    gives new meaning to "do it right or you're off the jobsite"

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