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    Anyone seen this new documentary by Michael Moore about the state of the Health Care System in America. After watching the movie it made me think how lucky we are living here in Australia with Medicare although France's employer and government funded 3month medical recovery holiday's made me think of moving there . Any Americans here in the forum who can back or knock back his claims???

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    Haven't seen it but based on his previous films (none being a factual documentary) I wont be going out of my way to watch it.

    If any of you have seen Team America I think their portrayal of Michael Moore is right on the money.

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    Michael Morre is a shock jock for film. He does get a point across, though he is hardly objective. I'd like to know if he has any share interests in health care companies.

    His portrayal of Cuba being a promised land is really stretching the imagination. He does raise awareness, though.

    Bowling for Colombine was also shock, but the funniest part for me was the bank that offered a free rifle and bullets for starting a new savings account...

    Like most things you see on a screen or read on print, take it with a grain of salt. Especially what I have just typed.


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    Default Re: Sicko - Michael Moore

    I like Mr Moore, sure he has a slanted view...and is a genuine lefty
    but facts are facts..and the US health care system is what it is...F*&#@D

    Aargh! thanks for reminding me i need to download Team America.
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    Default Re: Sicko - Michael Moore

    I actualy thought Sicko was Moores least 'one sided' or 'emotional' film so far.

    He tries to focus on the differences between countries, rather than telling personalised emotional stories of random strangers.

    perhaps he has taken on board some criticism and is trying to become more (Moore )objective?

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    I just recently watched this movie, and i found it actually pretty good. Before this movie i didn't like Michael Moore one bit.

    Oh and when your talking about "OUR" health system, I have private health insurance. And i just went to a private hospital not far from where i leave for an x-ray and another test. All up I paid about $275.00 and considering that i spend quite a bit on private health insurance every year. I was very shocked and amazed when i didn't even receive $40 back.

    But in the end i doubt i will have to pay $60,000 to replace 30% of my middle finger at least.


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